Charleston chiropractor draws praise from a patient

By Jo L. Rowe | May 25, 2016

Dear Editor:

Your recent article regarding Simmons Family Chiropractic, wherein a patient of Dr. Darby Simmons has filed a lawsuit alleging negligence and premises liability, concerns me.

Readers not being familiar with Dr. Simmons and her chiropractic care business may immediately get the wrong impression and allow a bad light to fall on an exceptional chiropractor.

Since I was in my teens, I have needed and used chiropractic care. I have lived in different states within the United States and have lived overseas as well. The chiropractic care I have received over the years takes a back seat to the care and relief I have experienced from Dr. Simmons’ care.

Dr. Simmons is very professional and a genuinely nice person. She cares very deeply about her patients and their well-being, not only physically but emotionally. She attempts to cheer those patients who are feeling down and make them feel good about themselves.

She makes special arrangements to meet patients in her office outside normal business hours when they are suffering with pain. Dr. Simmons takes classes to keep up on any new measures that may be of help to her patients. She surrounds herself with a great staff who are very kind and helpful.

The equipment/tables in Dr. Simmons’ office are top notch. I find it difficult to believe that anyone would say she is using an unsafe bed. In all the chiropractors’ offices I have been in, I cannot remember any tables/beds having straps.

Personally, I would not want to be strapped to a bed.

I want those who read the article earlier this month regarding Dr. Simmons to know that she is a fine, upstanding, professional caregiver with a heart of gold and I would hate to see her reputation questioned or tarnished. Any and all of her patients can gladly tell you the same.

I highly recommend Dr. Simmons for anyone needing chiropractic care. As a family chiropractic business, she helps children and teens as well.

Thank you,

Jo L. Rowe


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