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New book details attorney’s frustrations with MDL: Handling of cases becoming ‘more and more deplorable’

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TAMPA, Fla. (Legal Newsline) – Nearly 40 percent of civil cases pending in federal courts across the country are consolidated into multidistrict litigation, resulting in “a shift away from the rule of law to a system of arbitrary justice,” says Tampa attorney Brian Donovan in his new book on his experience and frustrations with MDL.

Business Court making changes to cut costs for litigants

MARTINSBURG – The West Virginia Supreme Court has responded to calls for changes to the Business Court Division, implementing several since first approving Trial Court Rule 29 and establishing the procedures for the special forum.

Attorneys: Business Court accelerates legal process

MARTINSBURG – Attorneys who have taken cases to the West Virginia Business Court Division say the new venue provides their clients with a more practical and productive alternative to resolving complex commercial disputes.

Companies seek use of state's business court

MARTINSBURG – In the two years since West Virginia implemented its Business Court Division, an increasing number of business owners have relied on the special forum to quickly and more efficiently resolve their complex commercial litigation.

State SupCo drew line on enforcing arbitration agreements in U-Haul case, attorneys say

CHARLESTON – While the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals recently has found three types of arbitration agreements enforceable, the court may have actually found more room to determine that arbitration agreements never existed at all.

Arbitration issue coming into focus for W.Va. employers, attorney says

CHARLESTON – A series of recent West Virginia Supreme Court decisions confirms that if employers carefully draft arbitration agreements that comply with the court’s case law, they will likely be enforced, according to one local attorney.

W.Va. no longer an anti-arbitration state, attorney/blogger says

CHARLESTON – In the past year, the West Virginia Supreme Court has issued three decisions that signify a potential shift in the state’s stance toward arbitration agreements.

WVAJ president says personal injury lawyers holding nursing homes accountable

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Congressional candidate: Affirming $90M verdict against nursing home could hurt state


Former lawmaker says Legislature intended for caps to apply to nursing homes

Heartland of Charleston