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Arbitration is bad for West Virginia consumers, workers and businesses

By Anthony Majestro | Aug 4, 2015

The corporate-funded front group West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse wants West Virginians to give up their 7th Amendment right to trial by jury and opt for arbitration instead.

The truth regarding these so-called 'reforms'

By Anthony Majestro | Apr 8, 2015

CHARLESTON – In 2014, corporate special interests funneled millions into West Virginia elections to buy themselves a Legislature to would pass laws that eliminate corporate accountability and increase corporate profits at the expense of West Virginia workers, consumers and small businesses.

Hellhole report hurts West Virginia

By Anthony Majestro | Dec 23, 2014

CHARLESTON – Let’s talk about who and what are damaging West Virginia’s national reputation and ability to market our state as a good place for business — and why.

Record nails it: Good for 'them,' not us

By Anthony Majestro | Nov 29, 2014

CHARLESTON – It’s been a long time since The West Virginia Record really nailed an editorial, but last week it did — although probably not in the way that was intended.

CALA is violating election law

By Anthony Majestro | Oct 30, 2014

CHARLESTON – The 2014 elections are winding down – and for many of us it’s not a minute too soon.

CALA misleads voters, hides its funding

By Anthony Majestro | Oct 16, 2014

CHARLESTON – West Virginia voters are being inundated with mailed political attack ads from the corporate front group, West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse.

THEIR VIEW: CALA spin machine out of control

By Anthony Majestro | Jul 10, 2014

CHARLESTON – Greg Thomas and West Virginia CALA are at it again.

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