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Jim Justice is neither Democrat nor Republican – He’s a narcissistic opportunist

By Craig Blair | Jun 11, 2019

For months, everyone has been talking about it, but now I am clearly and loudly saying it: Jim Justice is an embarrassment to our state and should resign and try to attend to his family business obligations.

Let's focus on what matters – our children’s education

By Craig Blair | May 21, 2019

MARINTSBURG – Recently, liberal union bosses and their allies at the Charleston-Gazette Mail have been leveling complaints and allegations against a respected, devoted member of the West Virginia State Senate.

Senate Bill 622 is true campaign finance reform

By Craig Blair | Mar 26, 2019

MARTINSBURG – During the past four years, one of the Legislature’s top priorities has been to modernize West Virginia’s laws and to take outdated and burdensome regulations off our books. We have succeeded in making West Virginia friendlier to businesses and in adopting policies that are competitive with those of our neighboring states.

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