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WVU law student helps secure release for federal inmate

By Derek Dowell | May 9, 2016

MORGANTOWN – The last few decades of the 21st century were a bad time to be a non-violent drug offender in the United States. The War on Drugs, mandatory sentencing and the Office of National Drug Control Policy teamed up to make sure plenty of people would do long stretches – even life – in federal prison.

State Bar Association thrilled to hand CLE training to WVU

By Derek Dowell | Apr 21, 2016

MORGANTOWN – For 36 years, the West Virginia State Bar and West Virginia University College of Law worked together to manage the primary continuing legal education program for lawyers who practice in the state.

Obama commutes sentences of three WVU Law Clinic clients

By Derek Dowell | Apr 21, 2016

MORGANTOWN – The WVU College of Law Clinical Law Program can count three successes under President Obama’s initiative to commute the imprisonment of certain federal inmates given sentences that would be considered harsh by today’s lighter standards.

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