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Blankenship thanks supporters, says truth will be revealed

By Don Blankenship | May 12, 2016

Friends, This is a too tardy thank you note for your having written a character letter on my behalf. My hope had been to write individual thank yous, but I have not found the time yet, so this a single letter to all of you. A few individuals have expressed regret that their letter didn't help since Judge Berger sentenced me to the maximum anyway. Let me assure each of you that your letter did help, and every one of them was much appreciated.

Historical election was a long time in the making

By Don Blankenship | Nov 13, 2014

WILLIAMSON – The Nov. 4 election certainly was historical in West Virginia.

Politicians worried about themselves, not miners

By Don Blankenship | Sep 4, 2014

WILLIAMSON – It's election time, and Nick Rahall says he is fighting for coal, featuring me in his political TV ads, and criticizing the EPA.

Global warming: Americans pay the price

By Don Blankenship | Aug 7, 2014

WILLIAMSON – Earlier this month, the Australian government repealed their carbon tax.

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