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A vision for the future at Rock Creek Development Park

By Earl Ray Tomblin | Nov 1, 2016

CHARLESTON – For the past 30 years, I have looked at thousands of acres of flat land at the Hobet mine site in Boone and Lincoln counties and thought about the enormous possibilities those acres could bring about for West Virginia – if we ever had the opportunity.

Sending our kids off to college helps keep them here at home

By Earl Ray Tomblin | Aug 30, 2016

CHARLESTON – Over the past few weeks, families across the state hugged their children goodbye and sent them off to college.

Hobet project holds vast promise for West Virginians

By Earl Ray Tomblin | Aug 23, 2016

CHARLESTON – Just down the road the state Capitol in Boone and Lincoln counties lies something unique and promising in Southern West Virginia – approximately 12,000 acres of flat land ideal for new businesses and with the potential for a level of job creation that would be a game changer for our state.

RISE West Virginia: Flood recovery for a brighter future

By Earl Ray Tomblin | Aug 6, 2016

CHARLESTON – For West Virginians like Cheryl Sams, who owns Sams Auction and Bargain Barn in Clendenin, the flooding that hit our state in June was especially devastating.

Residents coming together, focusing on recovery following floods

By Earl Ray Tomblin | Jul 19, 2016

CHARLESTON – Less than a month ago, our state was hit by severe, widespread, historic flooding.

Safe at Home West Virginia creates a brighter future for youth

By Earl Ray Tomblin | Jun 21, 2016

CHARLESTON – As governor, our children’s well-being is one of my top priorities, and I am particularly proud of the progress we have made through the Safe at Home West Virginia program.

Governor's Internship Program prepares students for success

By Earl Ray Tomblin | Apr 5, 2016

CHARLESTON – Over the past several years, we in West Virginia have worked hard to create a strong education system and new opportunities for our students while developing workforce training programs to give our people the skills they need to find good-paying jobs.

Strengthening West Virginia's education system

By Earl Ray Tomblin | Jan 26, 2016

CHARLESTON – Five years ago, when I became governor, we started down a path to strengthen and improve West Virginia's education system. Last week, I was proud to join members of the state Department of Education, representatives from education groups and programs from across the state, and business and industry supporters to highlight changes we've made and partnerships that are strengthening West Virginia's education system.

West Virginia committed to combating substance abuse

By Earl Ray Tomblin | Dec 1, 2015

CHARLESTON – Since becoming governor, I’ve made helping those struggling with substance abuse one of my top priorities, and I’m proud of the progress we are making in this difficult fight.

DNR game check goes online

By Earl Ray Tomblin | Nov 17, 2015

CHARLESTON – One of the most anticipated time of the year for West Virginians is big game hunting season. So many of our family members, friends and neighbors enjoy picking up a bow, rifle, musket or, beginning this year, a crossbow, and heading out into the woods and fields in search of white-tailed deer, black bear or wild turkey.

Uncovering West Virginia's history

By Earl Ray Tomblin | Nov 3, 2015

CHARLESTON – No matter where you live or where you're from, there is always something fascinating about finding an unearthed treasure.

Making the most of a new school year

By Earl Ray Tomblin | Sep 8, 2015

CHARLESTON – As students across our state return to school, it is important to have a fresh focus on the year that lies ahead.

Developmental education reform a key for students

By Earl Ray Tomblin | Aug 3, 2015

CHARLESTON – During my time as Senate President and now, as your Governor, I have made it a priority to improve our state's business climate and to strengthen and grow West Virginia's workforce to meet the long-term needs of business and industry operating here.

More reinvestment in treatment efforts

By Earl Ray Tomblin | Jun 2, 2015

CHARLESTON – I am pleased to announce $250,000 in grant funding to support the ongoing implementation of the Treatment Supervision Program initiative, part of my administration's landmark justice reinvestment efforts.

West Virginia's first Workforce Summit

By Earl Ray Tomblin | May 19, 2015

CHARLESTON – Earlier this month, I was proud to welcome West Virginians from across the state to the state’s first Workforce Summit — a comprehensive review of West Virginia’s past, present and future workforce development efforts.

Working toward a brighter future

By Earl Ray Tomblin | Apr 15, 2015

CHARLESTON – Today's global economy is dependent on an educated, skilled and versatile workforce.

Tackling substance abuse in the Mountain State

By Earl Ray Tomblin | Feb 4, 2015

CHARLESTON – Substance abuse is a heartbreaking problem facing families across West Virginia each and every day.

Developing our state, strengthening our future

By Earl Ray Tomblin | Dec 23, 2014

CHARLESTON – Recently, it was my privilege to join executives and key leadership from Diamond Electric Manufacturing Corporation in announcing the company's decision to relocate its North American headquarters to West Virginia.

Big thanks for small businesses

By Earl Ray Tomblin | Nov 25, 2014

CHARLESTON – This week as we gather to give thanks this holiday season, many across the Mountain State are also preparing for the hustle and bustle of the biggest shopping days of the year.

Be aware, take action to prepare

By Earl Ray Tomblin | Oct 2, 2014

CHARLESTON – West Virginians are known for coming together to support each other in times of need – whether to help communities recover from a disaster or through statewide volunteer projects as part of Day to Serve.

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