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A trip of a lifetime

WHEELING – Earlier this month, my wife and I accompanied a group of homeschool students to Independence Hall in Wheeling where the Supreme Court was hearing oral arguments in two cases. The large convention hall on the third floor had been outfitted with a dais where the five justices could sit. In stark contrast with the 19th century decor, the room was filled with cameras, microphones and other telltale signs of 21st century technology. Over 200 students were in attendance.

Looking back at an important W.Va. civil rights case

WHEELING – J.R. Clifford was West Virginia’s first black attorney and a civil rights pioneer. The Williams case represents an early and significant win in the civil rights movement, predating Brown v. Board of Education by over 50 years.

Damage caps are hurting healthcare

WHEELING – In a recently published fact sheet, the Center for Justice and Democracy announced that the findings from three new studies make it indisputable that damage caps – a popular part of tort reform – actually are hurting healthcare.

The state Supreme Court's administrative 'arm'

WHEELING – In many ways, 1974 was a watershed year for the West Virginia Supreme Court.