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YOUR LEGAL WRITES: Playing a lawyer on TV

By Kathryn E. Brown | Dec 4, 2008

When the sitcom, "Sex and the City" geared up to go off the air after several successful seasons on HBO, marketers took action to make sure their heroines wouldn't be forgotten.

YOUR LEGAL WRITES: Steering law firm marketing

By Kathryn E. Brown | Nov 20, 2008

Brown When it comes to law firm marketing, potential clients want attorneys to do one thing: Sell the steak ... not the sizzle.

YOUR LEGAL WRITES: Law firms and title work

By Kathryn E. Brown | Oct 31, 2008

On the front page of a service marketing Web site, the headline states that the industry's current business developer of the year is generating big results in her accounting firm.

YOUR LEGAL WRITES: Lawyers' tricks can be treats

By Kathryn E. Brown | Oct 22, 2008

As Halloween approaches, cable networks proudly present horror films for audiences that love guts and gore.

YOUR LEGAL WRITES: From click to clique

By Kathryn E. Brown | Sep 17, 2008

Popular social networking Web sites such as MySpace and MyChurch, Facebook and FaceParty, offer interactive, user-submitted networks of personal profiles, blogs, photos, music and videos for people of all ages to peruse.

YOUR LEGAL WRITES: The Agony and the Ex-tasy

By Kathryn E. Brown | Aug 19, 2008

CHARLESTON -- One of the worst marriages in pop culture had to have been the merger of J.R. and Sue Ellen Ewing (human versions of oil and water).

YOUR LEGAL WRITES: As green as wheatgrass

By Kathryn E. Brown | Aug 7, 2008

CHARLESTON -- First, the Baby Boomers were unseated by the Baby Busters, and then Generation X was invaded by Generation Why. Now, there is a new group in circulation, and they are called The Bobos.

YOUR LEGAL WRITES: From Atticus Finch to Harry Potter

By Kathryn E. Brown | Jul 24, 2008

"Lawyers, I suppose, were children once." At least, those were the famous words of Charles Lamb, and English critic, poet, and essayist of the 1800s. The quotation was thought-provoking enough to make it into the preface of a famous novel, and it continues to haunt modern lawyers as they accept the realities of their profession.

YOUR LEGAL WRITES: Required summer reading for lawyers

By Kathryn E. Brown | Jun 26, 2008

The headmaster of an exclusive, private boy's school in Massachusetts recently issued a statement on the institution's Web site explaining the reasons behind a mandatory summer reading program.

YOUR LEGAL WRITES: Animal law to sit, stay

By Kathryn E. Brown | May 28, 2008

For law firms, the veterinary industry may have become man's best friend.

YOUR LEGAL WRITES: Oh, the places you could go

By Kathryn E. Brown | May 14, 2008

Typically, law firm retreats are reserved for attorneys and a few higher ranking members of management. But in some larger firms in even larger markets, non-legal administrators are sent away to plan for the year ahead.

YOUR LEGAL WRITES: Making room for the junior partner

By Kathryn E. Brown | May 1, 2008

Last spring, the Boston Globe printed an in-depth story about female lawyers leaving the legal profession at an astonishing rate.

YOUR LEGAL WRITES: The secret service of administrative assistants

By Kathryn E. Brown | Feb 20, 2008

If the U.S. Department of Labor maintained an endangered species list of professionals on the verge of extinction, secretaries would find themselves on the roster.

YOUR LEGAL WRITES: From an attorney to the apprentice

By Kathryn E. Brown | Feb 6, 2008

Brown On the job training isn't what it used to be.

YOUR LEGAL WRITES: Firm matchmakers

By Kathryn E. Brown | Jan 8, 2008

Brown The start of a new year sparks great motivation to improve the condition of one's life, from health and wellness to financial stability and employment security. The quest for perfection in the legal field may not be possible, though, without calling in a search team.

YOUR LEGAL WRITES: Resolving to be a better firm

By Kathryn E. Brown | Dec 19, 2007

Brown The majority of the Western world's population views New Year's resolutions as commitments that are easier to break than make.

YOUR LEGAL WRITES: Buy cheap, buy twice

By Kathryn E. Brown | Nov 29, 2007

Once upon a time, a marketing director tried to remain budget-conscious by purchasing lesser-quality items and trinkets to give away as client gifts.

YOUR LEGAL WRITES: Thanks for giving

By Kathryn E. Brown | Nov 7, 2007

Now that the season of gratitude has returned, a few philosophical questions emerge regarding behavior and motivation. Is there a difference between giving and receiving when it comes to corporate philanthropy? Have sponsorships become nothing more than advertisements with a heart? Is giving better for business or society?

YOUR LEGAL WRITES: Conscience and clients

By Kathryn E. Brown | Oct 25, 2007

The film "Michael Clayton" may be yet another cinematic example of art imitating life, or more appropriately, art imitating law.

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