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ALL THINGS JURY: Art, science or voodoo? � The trial consultant

Blankenship One juror crosses her arms -– she's having a difficult time believing the witness's testimony. Another juror taps his foot –- he's bored. A red necktie looks too aggressive and intimidates the jury panel. Eyeglasses improve how intelligent you sound to the jurors. Navy blue looks trustworthy.

ALL THINGS JURY: Hey, don't forget the bench!

Blankenship CHARLESTON -- From the moment a case is placed on a judge's docket, an attorney may begin to think about how the judge might affect the outcome of the case.

ALL THINGS JURY: Attorneys and researchers -� partners for success

Blankenship CHARLESTON -- Lawyers spend years honing their skills as advocates for their clients. With each filing, brief, motion, argument, and trial, lawyers practice the best way to tell a client's story in mediation, before the bench and in front of a jury.

ALL THINGS JURY: And now, the rest of the story

Blankenship In many cases, an attorney would find it helpful to get a play-by-play as to how a jury panel perceives different themes, messages, and points of a trial.

ALL THINGS JURY: Learn more by losing in jury research

Blankenship CHARLESTON -- Every attorney believes he or she knows how to win a case. Knowing how your case can be lost is often more important.

ALL THINGS JURY: Survey applications for trial research

CHARLESTON -- Litigation research is a constantly evolving science. One thing that remains surprisingly constant is the similarity in people's opinions. Interview enough people about the same subject and you will soon find that there are a finite number of opinions and perceptions.

ALL THINGS JURY: Focus groups and mock trials -- Understanding the difference

CHARLESTON -- In preparing for a trial, an attorney studies every aspect of a case –- the laws, the principals, the precedents -– and forms strategies based on what he or she learns during this research phase of case preparation.

ALL THINGS JURY: Do you know what your jury is thinking?

CHARLESTON -- You and your client are facing a monumental challenge -– a lawsuit. After exhaustive research and analysis, you are confident you can secure a positive outcome for you and your client. It all comes down to the verdict.