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Court rules against man with history of neck injuries

CHARLESTON – A West Virginia man with a history of neck injuries will not be drawing Workers’ Compensation benefits as a result of a recent state Supreme Court decision.

Court: Cigarettes, not black lung, likely to blame for man's death

CHARLESTON – The state high court recently agreed that occupational pneumoconiosis was not the cause of death of a West Virginia man and, resultantly, the widow of the former Cannelton Industries worker will not receive dependent's benefits.

Fourth Circuit affirms black lung benefits award


Fourth Circuit affirms Judge Stamp in trespass suit against Chesapeake

RICHMOND, Va. – A federal appeals court issued an opinion on Sept. 4, affirming a summary judgment defense decision by Judge Frederick P. Stamp in the Northern District of West Virginia in a dispute over the burial of drill cuttings.

Fourth Circuit awards black lung benefits to Mingo Logan Coal miner


Black lung benefits given to widows as a result of Affordable Care Act

Snyder Holley

Fourth Circuit remands Wayne Co. Zoloft cases

RICHMOND, Va. – A federal appeals court has sent a case back to the Circuit Court of Wayne County after dismissing a jurisdictional appeal of the lawsuit, which alleges Zoloft caused the plaintiffs’ birth defects when taken by their pregnant mothers.

Fourth Circuit rules against Charleston landlord

RICHMOND, Va. – A federal appeals court has upheld a judgment against a landlord who imposed special restrictions against a woman seeking to rent a house in Charleston for herself and her disabled brother.

Fourth Circuit not buying W.Va. woman's foreclosure claims


Charleston attorneys win 'head counting' appeal at Fourth Circuit


Court denies request to add additional defendants to personal injury lawsuit

Justices of the state Supreme Court

Woman, fired for sleeping on the job, not entitled to unemployment benefits

Charleston Area Medical Center

Woman filed lawsuit over fall at state park too late

Pipestem State Park Amphitheater

Woman loses appeal to Supreme Court for unemployment

Justices of the state Supreme Court

Supreme Court rules for late attorney in property dispute

CHARLESTON – The now-deceased attorney for a deceased Marion County man owed no duty to the man's widow and cannot be held liable for turning over the man’s divorce files to his ex-wife.

Supreme Court: Affidavit not enough in case over broken water line

CHARLESTON – A self-serving affidavit is not enough evidence to defeat a motion for summary judgment, the state Supreme Court ruled in a case alleging the negligent severance of a water line.

Court affirms default judgment, punitive damages against Summers Co. man

CHARLESTON – A Summers County man has failed in his attempt to get the state Supreme Court to set aside a default judgment awarded to a couple who alleged he had slandered the title to a piece of property they own.

Supreme Court resolves dispute over DOT job opening

Justices of the state Supreme Court

Supreme Court: Pleasants Co. case belongs in Texas

Justices of the state Supreme Court

Supreme Court overrules Workers' Comp board; Loughry files dissent