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Big money still a problem in judicial races

By Paige Flanigan | May 2, 2016

CHARLESTON – This year West Virginia’s judicial elections are nonpartisan. Candidates for the West Virginia Supreme Court as well as our circuit courts, family courts and magistrates will no longer be listed on your ballot as Democrats, Republicans or members of other political parties.

Public financing helps restore integrity to judicial elections

By Paige Flanigan | Apr 19, 2016

CHARLESTON – There are two places where every West Virginian is supposed to be equal—in the ballot box and in our courtrooms. While it’s still one person, one vote, the millions now spent to influence elections takes that away.

Legislature helped its corporate backers, failed to tackle real issues

By Paige Flanigan | Mar 21, 2016

CHARLESTON – The 2016 West Virginia Legislative session has been called one of the worst ever by media outlets and organizations statewide. West Virginia is facing real challenges right now. Our roads are bad. We have a huge budget deficit. Millions of dollars have been cut from our schools. Coal is in decline and West Virginia workers need to be retrained for 21st century jobs. A financial crisis is looming.

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