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Tips for a secure, happy holiday season

By Patrick Morrisey | Dec 4, 2018

CHARLESTON – The holidays are a time for shopping and charitable giving, and while this is a time for sharing with family and friends, be careful not to inadvertently share your personal information with strangers who may be identity thieves.

Continuing the fight against opioid abuse

By Patrick Morrisey | Jul 31, 2018

Continuing the fight against opioid abuse @WestVirginiaAG

Safeguarding West Virginia coal jobs

By Patrick Morrisey | Jul 10, 2018

CHARLESTON – Many know that West Virginia coal powers the nation, however, far fewer people realize and appreciate its significance to the steel industry.

Preserving the Second Amendment

By Patrick Morrisey | Jun 5, 2018

CHARLESTON – Americans who choose to lawfully exercise their right to keep and bear arms should be at liberty to do so.

Standing up for West Virginia's seniors

By Patrick Morrisey | Apr 17, 2018

CHARLESTON – Every West Virginian has basic human rights, regardless of age, to be protected from unlawful harm and suffering.

West Virginia sues DEA, reforms national drug policy

By Patrick Morrisey | Mar 27, 2018

CHARLESTON – Every aspect of the pharmaceutical supply chain bears responsibility for the havoc and senseless death unleashed upon West Virginia – and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is no exception.

Defeat of EPA power plan brought real change

By Patrick Morrisey | Feb 13, 2018

CHARLESTON – Two years ago, the outlook for West Virginia’s energy sector seemed grim.

Stop opioids from claiming another generation

By Patrick Morrisey | Jan 9, 2018

CHARLESTON – Opioid abuse is one of the greatest challenges facing our state and nation. Lives are cut short every day. Whether by heroin or prescription painkillers, opioids do not discriminate. These senseless deaths occur across all segments of the population.

Protecting your personal information from identity theft

By Patrick Morrisey | Dec 5, 2017

CHARLESTON – As the holiday season approaches, it becomes increasingly important for consumers to exercise caution to protect financial information.

Human trafficking can happen here

By Patrick Morrisey | Nov 7, 2017

CHARLESTON – When many hear the phrase “human trafficking,” they may think of people from abroad being smuggled into this country to work.

President Trump is right to decertify Iran deal

By Patrick Morrisey | Nov 1, 2017

CHARLESTON – By decertifying the Iran deal, President Trump has taken an important step toward making the United States, and the world, a safer place.

Incentivizing change to combat opioid abuse

By Patrick Morrisey | Oct 17, 2017

CHARLESTON – As the chief legal officers of our states, myself and other attorneys general are taking action on many fronts to fight the opioid epidemic. We recognize that the devastating cost of addiction demands an unyielding commitment that utilizes every tool at our disposal.

A call to action for West Virginians

By Patrick Morrisey | Aug 28, 2017

CHARLESTON – We are in a crisis, one that can only be solved with a great deal of hard work and engagement from citizens across our state. Opioid addiction continues to decimate West Virginia, reducing our workforce, tearing apart families and ultimately, claiming lives day after day.

AG's office is ready, willing and able to help consumers

By Patrick Morrisey | Jul 31, 2017

CHARLESTON – Most businesses are reputable, but when a home repair, a vehicle sale or other transaction goes wrong, our office looks out for consumers.

Savings are a good start in fighting disability fraud

By Patrick Morrisey | Jun 27, 2017

CHARLESTON – One of life’s little pleasant surprises is reaching into an old coat pocket and finding a few misplaced dollars. Even better is keeping millions of dollars in the pockets of taxpayers, which is exactly what my office’s Social Security disability fraud unit was created to do.

Painkiller alternatives may reduce risk of prescription opioid abuse

By Patrick Morrisey | May 16, 2017

CHARLESTON – Opioid abuse is devastating our state, and too often it starts with something as seemingly harmless as the prescription of an opioid-based pain medication.

Tremendous victories require continued vigilance

By Patrick Morrisey | Apr 24, 2017

CHARLESTON – Over the past few months, West Virginia has experienced a tremendous amount of success in beating back years of federal overreach that have devastated many in our state.

The opioid epidemic: We're making a difference

By Patrick Morrisey | Mar 28, 2017

CHARLESTON – Addiction impacts every West Virginian. Whether it’s a child who lost a parent to an overdose or a friend who found himself addicted to pills after a routine surgery, the opioid epidemic has infiltrated every community and every household in our state.

A justice who will fight for West Virginians

By Patrick Morrisey | Feb 13, 2017

CHARLESTON – In late January, President Trump took an important step toward ensuring that the U.S. Supreme Court will protect the interests of the people of West Virginia.

Rooting out Medicaid fraud demands new leadership

By Patrick Morrisey | Jan 24, 2017

CHARLESTON – Waste, fraud and abuse are rampant nationwide and West Virginia certainly is no exception.

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