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Anti-growth mentality hurts West Virginia

By Rebecca McPhail | Jan 14, 2019

CHARLESTON – West Virginia is certainly making progress on several fronts, but some in the state are determined to sabotage our potential for progress by trying to outlaw or restrict one of our most successful economic development tools.

Manchin can support a stronger West Virginia

By Rebecca McPhail | Aug 14, 2018

CHARLESTON – As West Virginia’s economy recovers from years of federal regulatory overreach, the Mountain State received welcome news from President Donald Trump in the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court.

Inventory tax removal will benefit West Virginia

By Rebecca McPhail | Feb 13, 2018

Dear Edi​tor: As West Virginians, we recognize the obstacles we need to overcome to achieve greater economic prosperity. We talk about it, mull it over, debate it, but not often enough do we decide and act.

Limiting damage caused by abusive class-action lawsuits

By Rebecca McPhail | Nov 28, 2017

CHARLESTON – Manufacturing is essential to West Virginia’s economy, providing tens of thousands of jobs and more than $4 billion a year in exports. But there’s an import that threatens these West Virginia companies: Class action lawsuits.

West Virginia needs the road bond

By Rebecca McPhail | Sep 19, 2017

CHARLESTON – In West Virginia, location is a key selling point for manufacturing companies that want easy access to eastern markets and east coast shipping channels. Yet location means little if roads and bridges are not well maintained or modernized.

Fair standards are key to state growth

By Rebecca McPhail | Mar 13, 2017

CHARLESTON – It shouldn’t be difficult to change state rules that are stricter than those that are recommended by a left-leaning 2014 Environmental Protection Agency and that have been adopted by neighboring states.

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