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FINANCIAL FOCUS: Think before you roll -- 2010 Roth IRA conversions

By Robert L. Nistendirk | Jan 21, 2010

CHARLESTON - Year 2010 brings one of the biggest IRA planning opportunities in quite some time, opening the door for many individuals to participate in Roth IRA conversions. This has created a big buzz in the retirement planning arena.

FINANCIAL FOCUS: Kanawha Boulevard Riverfront Beautification Fund

By Robert L. Nistendirk | Dec 16, 2009

In the spirit of the holiday season, I would like to bring to your attention a project that was revitalized two years ago while I was walking along Kanawha Boulevard and appreciating the beauty of the Kanawha River. It came to mind then and there that we owe it to this wonderful city of Charleston to make this river walk a breathtaking experience.

FINANCIAL FOCUS: Passive investing in today's market

By Robert L. Nistendirk | Nov 5, 2009

CHARLESTON - One day my friend Gary Swingle invited me to lunch. At lunch, Gary gave me the book "The Only Guide to a Winning Investment Strategy You'll Ever Need" by Larry E. Swedroe.

FINANCIAL FOCUS: Internal controls for small business

By Robert L. Nistendirk | Oct 21, 2009

CHARLESTON -- Internal controls are the methods and procedures designed by management to safeguard assets and to manage resources.

FINANCIAL FOCUS: Bankruptcy Chapter 11: Rising from the ashes

By Robert L. Nistendirk | Sep 23, 2009

CHARLESTON -- Bankruptcy is a situation where an individual, business or other entity cannot meet all of its financial obligations. This may be the result of unusually high expenses, reduction of income, mismanagement, litigation or a combination of factors.

FINANCIAL FOCUS: Measure your performance weekly

By Robert L. Nistendirk | Sep 10, 2009

CHARLESTON - Today we are living in a new age defined by global competition and faster flow of information, which leads into increasing business complexity. Knowledge and continuous learning are critical elements of success.

FINANCIAL FOCUS: Long-term care insurance helps you grow wiser today, older tomorrow

By Robert L. Nistendirk | Aug 27, 2009

CHARLESTON - Americans recognize the need to save for retirement. But few are mindful of the need to protect themselves against the steadily growing costs of long-term care services. Long-term care insurance can cover the costs of long-term care services and protect lifetime savings.

FINANCIAL FOCUS: Now is the time to consider a GRAT

By Robert L. Nistendirk | Aug 12, 2009

CHARLESTON -- A Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT) is one of the most powerful and tax efficient wealth transfer tools available today.

FINANCIAL FOCUS: Be prepared for rainy days with your umbrella

By Robert L. Nistendirk | Jul 29, 2009

CHARLESTON -- What if you were sued for a mishap on your property that resulted in someone being severely injured or killed? What if you were found to be liable for a major traffic accident involving multiple injuries that clearly exceeded your car insurance limits?

FINANCIAL FOCUS: The case for the Googol Dollar Bill

By Robert L. Nistendirk | Jul 16, 2009

Recently, the word "trillion" marked a new significance in the American economy.

FINANCIAL FOCUS: 2009 Stimulus Package: Planning one step ahead in tough times

By Robert L. Nistendirk | Jun 18, 2009

CHARLESTON -- April 15 came and went. After fulfilling our mandatory civic duty of writing a check to the Internal Revenue Service, most of us do not want to think of April 15 until next year.

FINANCIAL FOCUS: Key factors affecting succession planning

By Robert L. Nistendirk | Jun 2, 2009

In a previous article titled "Succession Planning: A Contrarian's Perspective," I presented a brief overview of succession planning.

FINANCIAL FOCUS: The value of cost accounting

By Robert L. Nistendirk | May 6, 2009

CHARLESTON -- The concept of managing "by the numbers" has varying degrees of meaning. Many business and financial managers know their operations well enough that they don't really need a lot of financial information in order to monitor and manage their companies. They often rely on tracking cash flow as their preferred method of managing by the numbers.

FINANCIAL FOCUS: Challenge your financial thinking

By Robert L. Nistendirk | Apr 23, 2009

CHARLESTON -- Most businesses can benefit from an additional focus on the company's financial performance. This is especially true for smaller companies and professional service firms where it is not practical to employ full-time financial personnel.

FINANCIAL FOCUS: First, a positive word on the economy

By Robert L. Nistendirk | Apr 1, 2009

Welcome to my new column. The focus of this column will be to discuss financial and business concepts that may be of assistance to the readers of The West Virginia Record. However, I wanted to begin with some positive thoughts about our nation's economic future.

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