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Justices grant new trial over juror's failed disclosure

Ketchum CHARLESTON – State Supreme Court Justices granted the city of Wheeling a new trial in an age discrimination case because a juror failed to disclose that she had sued her employer.

Judge wants documents about Harron

Harron WHEELING – Asbestos lawyer Robert Peirce must deliver documents about radiologist Ray Harron to CSX Transportation for the railroad's racketeering and fraud suit, a judge has ruled.

US Supreme Court issues stay in redistricting case

Roberts WASHINGTON - U.S. Supreme Court Justices have plunged West Virginia elections more deeply into uncertainty.

Still no opinion on redistricting

McHugh CHARLESTON – Justices of the Supreme Court of Appeals who approved a new map of state legislative districts on Nov. 23 hadn't explained the decision as of Jan. 18.

Judge's order on Berkeley subdivision correct, Justices rule

CHARLESTON – A Berkeley County judge correctly ordered the former owner of a 54-acre subdivision to pay Centra Bank more than $1 million, the Supreme Court of Appeals has decided.

Harron moves to dismiss his claim against CSX

Harron WHEELING – Radiologist Ray Harron of Bridgeport abandoned his plan to prove U.S. District Judge Janis Jack of Texas misjudged him when she ruled that he schemed with lawyers to manufacture false X-ray reports of lung disease.

Judges deny stay of injunction in redistricting case

King CHARLESTON -- Federal judges who found population variances in West Virginia's congressional districts unconstitutional reacted to an appeal of the decision by mocking legislative leaders who expect the U.S. Supreme Court to reinstate the map.

Judges: Redistrcting means change

King CHARLESTON – Redistricting means change, federal judges declared as they shredded a new map of West Virginia congressional districts, and no one knows what changes the next map will bring.

Cooper, Unger plans would split a county or two

Cooper CHARLESTON – Thornton Cooper proposes to split a county on a new congressional district map and State Sen. John Unger of Martinsburg proposes to split two, but only Cooper explains how he would do it.

Justices overrule judge in railroad prosecutor case

Benjamin CHARLESTON – James Higginbotham proved he didn't steal old rails but he didn't prove Norfolk Southern Railway controlled a Kanawha County prosecutor who indicted him, the Supreme Court of Appeals decided.

Car dealer can't blame power company for fire, Justices rule

CHARLESTON – Parkersburg car dealer Kendall Richards can't blame Monongahela Power for a fire that started six days after a dump truck driver accidentally pulled down power lines, the Supreme Court of Appeals decided.

Family plans to appeal Digitek ruling

Goodwin RICHMOND, Va. – Survivors of California resident Daniel McCornack plan to challenge U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin's rejection of their wrongful death suit against drug maker Actavis Totowa.

Mingo legal fee feud continues

Smith CHARLESTON – Mingo County's longest running feud since Hatfield and McCoy must drag on, the Supreme Court of Appeals has decided.

Justices reject Omar monitoring suit

CHARLESTON – Seven years of searching for witnesses and evidence didn't turn up enough of either to save a suit for medical monitoring of everyone who worked or played at Omar Elementary School in Chauncey since 1964.

Judge wrong to award raceway in BrickStreet dispute, Justices say

Davis CHARLESTON – Jefferson Circuit Judge David Sanders incorrectly awarded Summit Point Raceway $1.2 million in a coverage dispute with workers compensation insurer BrickStreet Mutual, the Supreme Court of Appeals held.

Tracks can't suspend jockeys before hearings, Court rules

Workman CHARLESTON – Owners of West Virginia race tracks can't suspend jockeys until the state racing commission holds hearings on charges against them, the Supreme Court of Appeals ruled.

Judge too generous to reinstated teacher, Justices say

CHARLESTON -- Kanawha Circuit Judge Paul Zakaib compensated Nitro High School math teacher Robert Fulmer too generously for three years of teaching he missed due to false allegations of sexual abuse, the Supreme Court of Appeals has decided.

Keystone Bank auditors can't shift costs to lawyers, Justices rule

Ketchum CHARLESTON – Accountants who owe Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation about $23 million for failing to detect a big fraud at little Keystone Bank can't shift part of the cost to Keystone's lawyers, the Supreme Court of Appeals has decided.

Harron wants to clear his name

Harron WHEELING – Bridgeport radiologist Ray Harron rises to rescue his reputation six years after federal judge Janis Jack concluded that he schemed with lawyers to manufacture diagnoses of lung disease.

CSX can contact former Peirce clients

Peirce WHEELING – CSX Transportation can contact former clients of Pittsburgh asbestos lawyer Robert Peirce, U.S. District Judge Frederick Stamp has decided.