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‘Eighty percent of success is showing up’

By The West Virginia Record | Jun 18, 2019

Woody Allen wasn’t joking when he said that line we used as a headline. It was the essence of his advice to aspiring writers, many of whom never finish, or even begin, their first oeuvre. Having a completed manuscript is no guarantee of success, but not having one is a guarantee of failure.

No more rubber stamps for class certification?

By The West Virginia Record | Jun 11, 2019

A recent ruling from our state high court suggests that it may have overcome its reluctance and decided to get with the program, stiffening the standards for class certification.

It turns out that chicken nuggets may not be fool-proof

By The West Virginia Record | Jun 4, 2019

Believe it or not, fried chicken once had bones in it. There are people alive today who remember that – and how they used to eat it carefully so as not to swallow and choke on the smaller bones, having a piece of white bread nearby if they did choke, so they could wad it up and swallow it to make the bone go down. More daring old-timers still eat chicken that way.

Get the science right before rushing to regulate

By The West Virginia Record | May 30, 2019

In most use cases, we are told, there exists no viable alternative to PFAS, which portends the real potential outrage here. In the end, banning PFAS would mean consumers would be deprived of their iPhones and pharmaceuticals; it would make air travel less safe and automobiles more polluting.

'Give me transparency and accountability, but not yet'

By The West Virginia Record | May 21, 2019

The headline above is a reworking of a line from Augustine’s "Confessions" that succinctly summarizes a regretful roué’s desire (and reluctance) to give up a life of vice: “Give me chastity and continence, but not yet.” Change two words and you capture the attitude of some judges toward online access to court records.

Tabbatha Perdue might want to rethink this lawsuit

By The West Virginia Record | May 14, 2019

“We ask that you become familiar with and abide by the rules below and view the Sky Zone rules video and signage in park and at the Safety Zone. Remember, stay in your comfort zone. Do not attempt any activity, flip, jump, or trick you don’t think you can handle.”

Workman made lots of money as a landlady

By The West Virginia Record | May 7, 2019

Remember the hilarious response of state Supreme Court Justice Margaret Workman to the justified outrage when West Virginians found out about her and her fellow justices’ lavish use of taxpayer funds to make themselves more comfortable a​​​​​t our expense?

Judge gets judged and goes to jail

By The West Virginia Record | Apr 30, 2019

As of Monday morning, South Central Regional Jail has a distinguished new inmate: former Kanawha County Magistrate Julie Yeager.

Asking POTUS to get rid of WOTUS

By The West Virginia Record | Apr 23, 2019

Please, adopt the new Waters of the United States rule. We’re tired of interrogating ruts, puddles and ditches.

The high price of fantasy and a licentious culture

By The West Virginia Record | Apr 16, 2019

It’s clear from the increasing prevalence of such cases, however, that our licentious culture is toxic, encouraging adults and the young people they should be protecting to see each other as objects of their sexual fantasies.

West Virginia is really cooking now

By The West Virginia Record | Apr 9, 2019

People used to work in their homes. The frontier family and the mom-and-pop shop were the norm once. Maybe they will be again.

Is Allen Loughry appealing? Not to us!

By The West Virginia Record | Apr 2, 2019

Loughry has the right to appeal, just as we all do, but he also has the option to confess his guilt and start making reparations for the harm he’s done. He could set an example for the rest of us, in case we ever transgress the rules of right behavior. That would make him more appealing.

West Virginia needs more negative campaigning

By The West Virginia Record | Mar 26, 2019

There are at least two aspects of every campaign: the case the candidate makes for himself and the case he makes against his opponent. The first is inevitably positive, the second inevitably negative – though not necessarily mean-spirited.

Investigation of state Supreme Court is over, maybe

By The West Virginia Record | Mar 19, 2019

The federal investigation of possible wrongdoing by our state Supreme Court justices, which began more than two years ago, finally is over. Unless, of course, it starts up again, which is also a possibility.

Leniency for Loughry is a tough sale

By The West Virginia Record | Mar 5, 2019

Assuming his motives are pure, an intervention from a D.C. political consultant on former state Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry’s behalf is a nice gesture. Still, if anyone deserves to be punished severely for breaking the law, it’s a judge.

No need to oppose legislation that saves money

By The West Virginia Record | Feb 26, 2019

If we can save money by passing Senate Bill 318 (to move the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit to be under control of the state Attorney General's office) and at the same time protect benefits going to legitimate claimants, let’s do it.

Loughry’s legacy will live on in the (Steve) Canterbury Tales

By The West Virginia Record | Feb 19, 2019

Former state Supreme Court justice is going to prison – and he won’t be lounging on a $32,000 blue suede couch in his cell.

Insuring cars that don’t exist

By The West Virginia Record | Feb 12, 2019

Have government employees taken the same cavalier attitude toward state vehicles that some state Supreme Court justices have taken toward furniture and other property belonging to the taxpayers?

Getting around third-party rules for bigger cash haul

By The West Virginia Record | Feb 5, 2019

In short, if you want to make a third-party bad-faith claim, just say the third party’s not a third party.

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