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Trap, trash and trick: How lawyers win with 'junk' science

By Tiger Joyce | Nov 9, 2016

WASHINGTON – Despite a recent scolding by more than 100 Nobel laureates for its science-denying campaign against perfectly healthful and environmentally beneficial genetically modified foods, Greenpeace and others with a financial interest in misleading the public are no more likely to change their ways than are the personal injury lawyers now using their own junk science to manipulate St. Louis juries and drive multimillion-dollar verdicts with groundless allegations that talcum powde

AGs, trial lawyers unite to abuse power

By Tiger Joyce | Jun 8, 2016

WASHINGTON – In recent months mainstream media outlets have offered only limited coverage of Orwellian efforts by progressive government officials to outlaw earnest questions about computer predicted climate catastrophes or costly policy proposals aimed at mitigating climate change.

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