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Residents sue Sago mine operator, trucking companies for pollution, noise

By Zak Ritchie | Aug 31, 2006

BUCKHANNON -– Three Upshur County residents have filed suit against the Sago Mine operator and two local trucking companies, citing excessive noise and mining-related pollution have allegedly made life difficult.

Suit claims elderly man was deceived by younger wife

By Zak Ritchie | Mar 22, 2006

Suing on behalf of the estate of Raymond W. Wagner, executor Robert Dennis Sandy claims defendant Kathryn D. Wagner maintained a deceitful relationship with Wagner and coerced him into spending thousands of dollars on her behalf.

Patient sues eye doctor for vision loss

By Zak Ritchie | Mar 9, 2006

BUCKHANNON – A man from Upshur County has filed a lawsuit against his eye doctor for allegedly causing loss of vision after the doctor completed a procedure without first receiving the informed consent of the plaintiff.

Family blames driver for collision, damages

By Zak Ritchie | Feb 1, 2006

BUCKHANNON – An Upshur County couple is suing an unauthorized driver for an accident that occurred in February of last year.

Buckhannon couple claims careless installation led to fire

By Zak Ritchie | Jan 26, 2006

BUCKHANNON – A Buckhannon couple claims the sloppy installation of an air conditioning unit led to a fire at their residence, resulting in damages in excess of $269,833.00.

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