Local legal videographer to appear on 'Nashville'

By Chris Dickerson | Jan 31, 2014

CHARLESTON -- A Charleston legal videographer  soon will be seen in front of the camera for a change.

Jim Damron will appear in an upcoming episode of the ABC Television series “Nashville”, which airs at 10 p.m. Wednesdays.

He plays the part of a minister presiding over the funeral of one of the show’s characters.

His scene was shot mid-January in the city of Nashville.

“It was a fun experience”, Damron said. “The cast and crew were wonderful.  This show is a top-notch production.”

Damron said he was able to work with most of the series’ regulars.

"I was in Nashville for two days," he said. "I went to the production office on Monday for wardrobe, and they wanted me in a particular kind of suit. They didn't have it in wardrobe, so they sent someone out to buy a suit. They altered it to fit me, and said we'll have it ready for you tomorrow morning.

"The next morning, I showed up at the set. I was in makeup with some of the stars of the show. Then, we rode over to an old, historic cemetery called Mount Olivet. I rode over in van with Chip Esten and a few of the other stars."

After setting up and rehearsing the scene a few times, it was time for the cameras to roll.

"They shot it numerous ways, and then shot it several other ways," Damron said with a laugh. "We were there a few hours. It was a pretty day, but it was chilly. I'm glad I had the top coat on."

He said his favorite part of the experience was between takes.

"Watching the cast cut up between takes," he said. "They were so much fun! Chip Esten is a comedian. At one point the director had to say, 'We're supposed to be at a funeral here!'

"But, it was a real nice experience. I am happy and honored to be involved in such a quality show. It was the first time I've done a television series like that. I've had parts in some movies and things like that, but this was a real fun experience. They're very professional and very organized."

Damron is a legal videographer, which means he tapes depositions for attorneys.  He operates his own production business, including doing voiceovers, commercials and narratives.

His movie credits include “Forrest Gump,” and he recently finished a supporting role in “The Tribunal”, an independent film shot in Cincinnati.  He has appeared in numerous stage roles for Charleston Light Opera Guild, Kanawha Players, and Children’s Theatre of Charleston.

"My agents in North Carolina submit me for different things like this," Damron said. "I auditioned in December. I just submitted it online. In fact, I'm auditioning for another show today and am going to email it in."

He said he guesses his "Nashville" episode will air sometime in February.

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