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This just in: Kanawha County

By The West Virginia Record | Jan 20, 2006

Dec. 20
Vista View Apartments vs. Janet L. Thompson
PA-Samuel F. Hanna; J-Berger
* The apartment complex claims Thompson illegally was running a business out of her apartment and that she had not complied with a directive to not enter construction sites at the complex and that he had been give notice of termination of the lease.
Case number: 05-C-2761

Dec. 21
Corey Brothers vs. Absolut WV et all.
PA-James D. Kauffelt; J-King
* The Charleston-based produce company says four Pizzeria Uno locations across the state haven't paid nearly $18,000 in bills.
Case number: 05-C-2774

Dec. 22
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company of West Virginia, a subsidiary of Enterprise Rent-A-Car of Kentucky vs. Gary McCorkle
PA-O. Gay Elmore Jr.; J-Bloom
* The rental company claims McCorkle, a resident of Charleston, owes for damages of $12,017.50 after a 2005 Dodge Neon he rented was involved in a crash while in his possession.
Case number: 05-C-2781

John S. Shannon vs. Don Pauley, BTB Builders Inc. and John P. Kardos and Rosanne Kardos, his wife
PA-Jeremiah F. McCormick; J-Bloom
* Shannon, a Putnam County contractor, seeks payment of $6,700 for earth moving and landscaping work he performed in May and June 2005.
Case number: 05-C-2782

Beverly A. Sigman vs. Town of Glasgow
PA-Richard A. Robb; J-Berger
* Sigman says a town water pipe burst, causing damage to her residence and personal property. She claims the town is negligent but refuses to compensate her and refuses to repair or relocate the pipe. She seeks $77,000 in damages plus other damages.
Case number: 05-C-2783

Marilyn Murr vs. Charleston Town Center Company, Limited Partnership
PA-Wendle D. Cook; J-Walker
* The Logan County woman says the mall is negligent for injuries she suffered on one of its escalators. She seeks damages, hospital expenses and other damages.
Case number: 05-C-2784

C.W. Caldwell Inc. dba Sweetbriar vs. Sunbridge Dunbar Health Care Corp. dba Sunbridge Care & Rehabilitation for Dunbar
PA-Joseph Caldwell; J-Berger
* Sweetbriar, an assisted living facility, seeks payment of $38,346.50 for half of the road work done on Caldwell Lane, which it claims Sunbridge benefits from and promised to pay half of the cost.
Case number: 05-C-2804

Robert F. Cary vs. Daniel Scott Salmons and Sears, Roebuck and Co.
PA-Henry E. Wood III; J-Zakaib
* Cary says Salmons was driving a Sears-owned vehicle when he collided with his car driven by his son, causing the car to be knocked into a guardrail. He seeks damages. Related to case number 05-C-2830 (below).
Case number: 05-C-2805

Jennifer Snyder Briant vs. Tim Elswick, Roger L. Province Sr. and Mountaineer Waterproofing
PA-Jennifer D. Meadows; J-Kaufman
* Briant says the defendants didn't perform work at her home in a proper manner. She seeks compensatory damages.
Case number: 05-C-2806

Dec. 23
Charles Belcher vs. Kelly Patrick
PA-pro se; J-Walker
* Belcher says his neighbor Patrick, her friends and her family deliberately block access on his driveway to his South Charleston home by parking on it.
Case number: 05-C-2811

Larry G. Cooper and Lolita K. Cooper vs. Ford Motor Company and Moses Ford Inc.
PA-David L. Grubb and Cameron S. McKinney; J-Zakaib
* The Coopers say a 2004 Ford F250 they purchased at Moses Ford was a lemon. They seek to have the contract canceled and other damages.
Case number: 05-C-2813

Dec. 27
Brandon Robert Cary and Robert F. Cary vs. Daniel Scott Salmons and Sears, Roebuck and Co.
PA-Letitia Neese Chafin; J-Bloom
* Related to case number 05-C-2805 (above), this case goes on to say Brandon Cary suffered painful and permanent injuries and that his father's car was damaged beyond repair. They seek a sum to fairly compensate them for damages as well as court costs.
Case number: 05-C-2830

Donna Frank vs. Guest Services Inc. and West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, West Virginia State Parks and Forests
PA-James R. Akers II; J-Bloom
* The Baltimore resident sues after injuring herself in a fall on a set of stairs at the Raven Lodge at Canaan Valley Resort.
Case number: 05-C-2831

J.W. Pit Well Servicing Inc.vs. Cherokee Drilling Co. LLC and Martin Twist Energy
PA-Walton S. Shepherd III; J-Kaufman
* The plaintiff says the defendant owes $3,625.19 for services rendered (plus interest) to wells in 2004.
Case number: 05-C-2832

Dec. 28
Modern Equipment Company Inc. vs. Caf� De' Paris LLC and Shelley A. Cuisset
PA-Michael R. Cline; J-Stucky
* The plaintiff says the Charleston restaurant and its owner owe $15,817.42 on promissory notes.
Case number: 05-C-2853

Brian W.Gillispie vs. Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
PA-Stephen L. Gaylock; J-Bloom
* Gillispie says he slipped and fell at the South Charleston Wal-Mart on Dec. 29, 2003, on some water or some other substance on the floor. He seeks a judgment of $70,000.
Case number: 05-C-2855

Dec. 29
Key Energy Services Inc. vs. Cherokee Drilling Company LLC c/o Martin Twist
PA-James B. Atkins; J-Bloom
* The plaintiff says the defendant owes $17,382.67.
Case number: 05-C-2881 filed 12/29

Karen Poindexter, executrix of the estate of Marie Adams vs. James E. McCormick
PA-pro se; J-Kaufman
* The plaintiff says McCormick owes $5,375 on a loan. She seeks that amount plus interest and costs. If he doesn't pay, she requests a lien be aced on his assets until he's paid the rest of the loan.
Case number: 05-C-2882

John K. Shaffer and Nancy Shaffer vs. Wolf Run Mining Company and Anker Group Inc.
PA-Timothy C. Bailey and Dan R. Snuffer; J-Walker
* John Shaffer says he had to have hip replacement surgery after falling over a large amount of excessive gob along a belt entry at Spruce Fork Mine No. 1 near Buckhannon. His wife sues for loss of consortium.
Case number: 05-C-2883

Dec. 30
Jackie Jeffrey vs. Shining Light Ministries Inc. and The City of Charleston
PA-Letisha R. Bika; J-Bloom
* Jeffrey says she was injured when she fell on a sidewalk maintained by both defendants near Shining Light Celebration Church.
Case number: 05-C-2900

Glenn E. Waugh vs. South Charleston Stamping and Manufacturing Company
PA-Paula L. Wilson; J-Stucky
* While working at the defendant facility, Waugh says he fell into an open manhole and was severely injured.
Case number: 05-C-2901

Delbert Lockhart vs. P.J.L. Enterprises Inc.
PA-Larry O. Ford; J-Kaufman
* Lockhart says he stepped on what he thinks was grease tracked from the kitchen of the Golden Corral in Cross Lanes, causing injuries to his lower back and right hip. He seeks $75,000 in damages plus interests and court costs.
Case number: 05-C-2902

Mark C. Cline and Paula K. Cline vs. General Motors Corporation
PA-Kathryn Reed Bayless; J-Berge
* The Mingo County couple says a 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe LS 4x4 they purchased from C&O Motors was a lemon. They seek to have the contract revoked, damages, fees and costs.
Case number: 05-C-2903

Charlotte A. Myers vs. AMFM Inc dba Webster Continuous Care Center
PA-Robert B. Warner; J-Walker
* Myers, who lives in Nicholas County, claims she was discriminated against because of her age working at the nursing facility in Webster County. She says the discrimination culminated July 12, 2005, when she was fired.
Case number: 05-C-2905

Melinda Westfall vs. Ronald Coon
PA-pro se; J-Walker
* Westfall says Coon, her grandfather, took her car from her in the middle of the night after she refused his sexual favors.
Case number: 05-C-2916

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