Insurance company sues insured's employee for embezzlement

By Audrey Holsclaw | Mar 15, 2006

MORGANTOWN -- An insurance company is suing a Monongalia County man for its insured's loss.

Erie Insurance Group claims Edward Trump, of Morgantown, embezzled and defrauded its insured, Morgantown Lube, Inc., while he was an employee.

Filed on March 8, the suit states that Erie Insurance Group insured Morgantown Lube, Inc., against a loss by an employee.

Trump took $7,048.20 out of the cash register of the store. He then took the company credit card, purchased $1,012.10 in auto parts at Advanced Auto parts, and finally, removed inventory from the stock room valued at $1,449.54.

Filed by Charles G. Johnson of Jackson and Kelly P.L.L.C., the suit also states that Erie Insurance Group immediately reimbursed Morgantown Lube for all the expenses except the $500 deductible.

Trump was then fired and arrested. He was charged with and confessed to embezzlement. He was given a one to 10 year suspended sentence and is currently on probation.

However, Erie Insurance is still hoping to make back the total amount that was stolen, $9,509.84. It is requesting a trial by jury to decide on interest, court costs, and possibly punitive damages to deter Trump from further misconduct.

Monongalia Circuit Court case number: 06-C-151

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