This Just In: Wayne County

By Drew Smith | Jul 14, 2006

May 1
Henry F. Maynard v. Jeff Spence
PA-Paul E. Biser; J-Darrell Pratt
* Maynard entered into a verbal contract to provide a tractor and trailer for Spence to use in cleanup in the southern United States following the recent hurricanes. Spence agreed to pay Maynard half of all his proceeds. Maynard claims Spence has failed to pay him any money and is seeking $75,000 in damages.
Case number: 06-C-096

May 12
Campbellsville University v. Donald B. Morgan
PA-Jeffery J. Gould; J-Darrell Pratt
* The school is suing Morgan for failure to pay for books and tuition for classes in the Fall and Spring 2004. The complaint claims Morgan is indebted to the university in the amount of $14,865.17.
Case number: 06-C-112

June 19
West Virginia Human Rights Commission v. R.E.M.C., Inc.
PA-Paul Sheridan; J-Darrell Pratt
* The WVHRC is prosecuting a complaint of discrimination brought under the West Virginia Fair Housing Act on behalf of Virginia Bias. Bias claims she was unlawfully evicted from her house because her daughter uses a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy and also is bi-racial. The WVHRC is demanding a trail by jury.
Case number: 06-C-136

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