Letter to the Editor: Editorial ignored Massey's actions

By The West Virginia Record | Nov 1, 2006

Dear Editor,

I notice in your 10-27 editorial on Don Blankenship, you didn't mention the devastation that Blankenship's company is doing to the land and the people of southern West Virginia. This devastation is under Blankenship's direction and his riches came from destruction.

You didn't mention the 1,800-acre strip mine that is draining into a huge earthen coal waste sludge dam that hovers over Marsh Fork Elementary School. You didn't mention the coal dust and the silica in the playground of that school. It that for the sake of the kids?

You didn't mention the polluted water wells in Mingo County that are poisoned by the leaching of coal sludge from Blankenship's sludge dam and pumping sludge underground.

Do the people in southern West Virginia matter to your paper or are we expendable because it doesn't affect you?

With friends like you, Blankenship and Massey, West Virginians don't need enemies.

Julia Bonds
Rock Creek, W.Va.

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