Letter to the Editor: Let's see your record, Sen. Sprouse

By The West Virginia Record | May 10, 2007

Dear Editor:

OK Senator, let's see your record.

Vic Sprouse seems to be all talk and that talk is deceitful. He's badmouthing the recently passed venue bill, which dictates who can file a lawsuit in West Virginia. He attacked the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce for supporting a bill that "was better than no bill at all." He went on to say that "they are missing the big picture ... they just don't get it."

What Mr. Sprouse neglected to say is that he sponsored that very bill and presumably voted for it since it passed by unanimous vote.

If the bill is so bad, why did Mr. Sprouse sponsor it and then vote for it and then attack it?

Sounds like Mr. Sprouse might be trying to run from his record. That's what I don't get.

Roger A. Decanio

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