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By Donna Kisner | Jul 20, 2007

July 13, 2007
Teresa Marie Cummins and Timothy Cummins v. Savage Industries Inc. and Thomas Charles Erwin
PA-William L. Frame; J-N/A
* In August 2005, Teresa Cummins was driving her 1996 Saturn south on U.S. 19, and Erwin, a Savage employee, was driving a company 2002 Mack tractor-trailer. Erwin's vehicle crossed the center line, striking Cummins' vehicle. Cummins suffered fractures of the tibia and fibula in her right leg, dislocation of her left finger and other bruises and contusions. Cummins has incurred over $62,000 in medical expenses and will require additional future medical expenses. Timothy Cummins is claiming the lose of consortium. The Cummins' seek compensatory damages for injuries and court costs from Savage and Erwin.
Case number: 07-C-461

Marietta Cetrangolo v. Esmail Monazam and REM Engineering Services PLLC
PA-Jacques R. Williams; J-N/A
* REM hired Marietta Cetrangolo in September 2002. She was advised that her benefit package with the company would include health insurance. Cetrangolo asked on numerous occasions to be included in REM's health insurance and was declined by Monazam. Cetrangolo claims the refusal was age- and gender-based discrimination. She was instructed to opt out of the coverage, which she did, for fear of losing her job. Cetrangolo suffered a severe illness in both 2006 and 2007, each time requiring extensive treatment and hospitalization. Based on information available, had Cetrangolo been covered by REM's health insurance, her medical costs would have been covered. Since she was not, her out-of-pocket medical expenses totaled $31,000. In May 2007, Cetrangolo's attorney wrote to Monazam regarding her concerns. In response to this correspondence, Centrangolo suffered threatening and accusatory behavior from Monazam in addition to a demotion. No longer being able to endure the workplace conditions, Centrangolo quit her job. Centrangolo seeks compensatory and punitive damages against Monazam and REM, along with pre- and post-judgment interest, costs and attorney fees.
Case number: 07-C-465

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