Callaghan called for jury duty

By Chris Dickerson | Jul 20, 2007


CHARLESTON -- As a high profile attorney, Mike Callaghan probably is a familiar face at the Kanawha County Judicial Annex.

But on July 16, he was there for a different reason: Jury duty.

"I spent most of the day there," he said.

He was called for jury duty before Kanawha Circuit Judge Charlie King.

Callaghan, who had been called for duty twice before, eventually was excused.

"Judge King said, of course, that it is rare for a lawyer to make a jury," he said.

Callaghan said he wasn't surprised.

"If I were in that situation, I wouldn't want a lawyer on the jury," he said. "It's perfectly understandable."

Still, Callaghan said he was glad to take part in the process.

"It reinforced my belief in the jury system and how, I think, it holds our country together," he said.

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