THIS JUST IN: Berkeley County

by Beth Henry |
Apr. 11, 2008, 2:10am

March 12
Diana M. Bernard vs. Nationwide Property & Casualty Insurance Co.
PA - Terrance Britt; J - Gray Silver
* Bernard claims the defendant should compensate her under her uninsured motorist coverage for the injuries and damages she sustained during a May 2, 2007, car-jacking incident. She is seeking at least $74,999.99 in compensation, and other relief.
Case number: 08-C-286

South Jersey Painting Co. Inc. vs. Michael Edinger
PA - William Powell; J - David Sanders
* South Jersey claims Edinger is a former full-time employee who served as manager of its Berkeley County operations, as well as its operations in Virginia and Maryland. The company claims that Edinger quit and failed to return equipment and materials, and also acted in poor conduct by creating a breach of good faith and fair dealing. The plaintiff is seeking at least $50,000 plus interest and other relief.
Case number: 08-C-288

March 13
City Hospital Inc. vs. Damon Anthony Williams
PA - Christopher Moore; J - Gray Silver
* The hospital claims Williams owes at least $23,499.74 plus interest for a total of $25,804.93 for medical services and supplies provided to him in 2006.
Case number: 08-C-310

March 14
Huntley, Nyce & Associates LTD vs. Frank McGill
PA - Wesley Queen; J - Christopher Wilkes
* The plaintiff claims McGill failed to meet the terms of an April 6, 2004, contract for engineering and design services on the defendant's project site. The plaintiff claims McGill made partial payment, but he still owes $37,495.63 for the services rendered. The plaintiff is seeking that amount plus interest, for a total of at least $50,675.95.
Case number: 08-C-347

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