THIS JUST IN: Cabell County

by Drew Smith |
May 23, 2008, 2:25am

May 15
Debbie Spurlock v. Judith Pinson
PA-Timothy Rosinsky J-John L. Cummings
*Spurlock was visiting Pinson at a duplex apartment when she was asked to take a phone to the upstairs unit. On her way down, she allegedly fell on the last step because the handrail didn't extend to the last step. According to the suit, Pinson owns the duplex apartment and is liable for the damage caused to Spurlock on account of the handrail.
Case number: 08-C-432

May 15
Davia McCoy v. Crossroads United Methodist Church
PA-Phillip Amick J-David M. Pancake
*McCoy is suing on behalf of her four-year-old son. According to McCoy, an employee of the church placed a clothes pin on her son's tongue and he sustained personal and emotional injuries as a result. The parties reached a settlement in this case in the amount of $2,500.
Case number: 08-C-433

May 16
Deborah Williams V. Marshall Community and Technical College
PA-Harold Albertson J-John L. Cummings
*Williams was an employee of Marshall Community and Technical College when she was allegedly fired in May 2007. She claims her employment was terminated because she is a female. Williams was subsequently replaced by a male with fewer qualifications than her, according to the suit. She is seeking punitive and compensatory damages.
Case number: 08-C-435

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