Woman says man masturbated in front of her during job interview

By Kelly Holleran | Oct 17, 2008

MORGANTOWN -– A Fairmont woman has filed suit against a Morgantown company, claiming one of its employees masturbated in front of her after offering her a job.

Heather D. Kelly claims she could not take the job because of the conduct of an employee for Worldwide Industrial Services.

Kelly interviewed with Richard See, her former neighbor, for an office position job with Worldwide on March 17, according to a complaint filed Oct. 1 in Monongalia Circuit Court.

She and See were the only ones at the building throughout the interview, the suit states.

After a 30-minute interview, See offered her the job on the condition that he could take a picture of her breasts, the suit states.

Kelly claims she was shocked, embarrassed and humiliated and began to gather her belongings to leave.

As she was leaving, See told her that the job paid $300 per week and would be worth a quick picture of her breasts, then asked if he could at least touch one of them, according to the complaint.

Kelly refused and walked out of the office, the suit states.

"Plaintiff Kelly began to cry as she left Defendant Worldwide's office as she was so upset by the conduct of Richard See," the suit states.

As she left the building, Kelly claims she called See to tell him she could not believe what he had done and that she would report his behavior.

See immediately called her back to apologize and said he could not believe what he had done, according to the complaint.

He told her the job was hers and she could return to the office to fill out paperwork, the suit states.

"Because Plaintiff Kelly had known Mr. See as a neighbor and because she would be replacing him, and, therefore, would not have to work with him, Plaintiff Kelly agreed to return to the office to complete paperwork for employment at Defendant Worldwide," the suit states.

As Kelly began to fill out W4 forms, See's back was to her, according to the complaint.

"At some point while Plaintiff Kelly was filling out the tax forms, Richard See turned his chair around to face Plaintiff Kelly and Plaintiff Kelly realized that he had his penis out of his pants," the suit states.

Kelly claims she pretended not to notice, but began to gather her belongings to leave the office before See did something to her.

"As she was putting her driver's license and other identification into her purse, Mr. See began to masturbate in front of Plaintiff Kelly," the suit states.

Kelly claims that because of the incident she has lost wages and benefits and undergone mental suffering, embarrassment and anguish.

Kelly claims Worldwide should have known See's propensities and acted in a sexually discriminatory way through See.

She also claims she was subject to a hostile work environment and sexual harassment at Worldwide.

Worldwide was negligent because it kept See as an employee, according to the complaint.

Kelly is seeking a judgment in an amount that would fully and fairly compensate her for her damages and injuries, plus prejudgment and post-judgment interest, punitive damages and other relief.

Traci M. Cook of Reed Kimble in Morgantown will be representing her.

Monongalia Circuit Court case number: 08-C-726

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