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Former Winfield employee claims wrongful termination after dispute with mayor

WINFIELD – A former planning commissioner for Winfield has filed suit against the town and its mayor, claiming he was wrongly terminated because he sought compensation for a defective draining system installed by the town.

Man says business owes him $20K for work

KINGWOOD – A man claims he is owed more than $20,000 for services and materials delivered.

Woman blames Wal-Mart for broken knee cap

KEYSER – A woman has filed suit against Wal-Mart, alleging she was injured when she slipped and fell at the store.

Nebraska company says Fox's Pizza owes $85K in rent

MOOREFIELD – A Nebraska corporation claims it is owed tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid rent.

Woman says she fell down apartment stairs without handrail

HUNTINGTON – A woman has filed suit against the owner of an apartment where she alleges she slipped and fell on stairs that did not have a handrail.

Roane Co. couple says company owes them $200K

HUNTINGTON – Two Roane County residents allege they were not paid more than $200,000 they are owed under a contract.

Woman claims Kroger Pharmacy gave her wrong medication

CHARLESTON – A woman alleges Kroger filled her prescription with seven tablets of the wrong medication.

Putnam man alleges injuries from surgery at St. Mary's

HUNTINGTON – A Putnam County man alleges he experienced medical complications following an ablation procedure at St. Mary's Medical Center in Huntington.

Newspaper company seeks repayment of debt

HUNTINGTON – The Kanawha-Putnam Ad Mailer has filed a suit against Preferred Mail Advertising, alleging it has failed to pay nearly $80,000 for services rendered.

Former Loop Pharmacy worker blames job loss on sexual harassment

CHARLESTON – A woman says she was fired from her job after her supervisor allegedly repeatedly sexually harassed her.

Pair say they lost property after meth lab scare in apartment complex

HUNTINGTON – Two Cabell County residents have filed suit against the owners of the apartment complex, alleging they lost property when they were forced to leave due to a meth lab scare.

Former inmate says he was abused by officers

HUNTINGTON – An inmate at the Western Regional Jail alleges correctional officers abused him while he was incarcerated.

Hospital valet alleges job loss due his age

HUNTINGTON – An elderly man alleges he was denied promotions and was eventually fired due to his age.

Couple blames home inspectors for missing roof problem

HUNTINGTON – Two Huntington residents have filed suit against the inspectors they hired before purchasing their home, saying the inspectors failed to reveal a costly roof problem.

Man says he was fired because he's deaf

HUNTINGTON – A man has filed suit against his former employer, alleging he lost his job because he was deaf.

Woman says job loss related to workers' comp claim

CHARLESTON – A woman alleges she was not adequately compensated for her work as a kitchen manager at Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon.

Western Regional inmate says she was sexually harassed

CHARLESTON – An inmate at the Western Regional Jail alleges she was subjected to unwanted sexual advances by correctional officers.

Man alleges he was struck while standing outside vehicle

CHARLESTON – A man alleges he incurred medical costs when a driver struck him as he was standing outside his parked vehicle.

Woman says she was victim of sexual harassment at Shoney's

CHARLESTON – A woman says she lost her job after her manager allegedly repeatedly sexually harassed her.

Man says he was fired after exhausting FMLA

CHARLESTON – A man alleges he lost his job after suffering from numerous difficulties, including the death of his girlfriend and the leg amputation of his brother.