THIS JUST IN: Cabell County

By Drew Smith | Nov 14, 2008

Oct. 31

Oct. 31
James C. Smith v. The City of Huntington
PA-Mark A. Atkinson; J-David M. Pancake
* Atkinson was an employee of the City of Huntington for five years when, in March 2007, he was unlawfully terminated, according to the suit. He claims his termination was a violation of the West Virginia Human Rights Act and is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.
Case number: 08-C-936

Isaiah Oiler v. William S. Burns, Burns Realty
PA-Dwight J. Staples; J-John L. Cummings
* Oiler, a minor, and his mother were tenants of an apartment owned by Burns. The suit claims Oiler stepped on the floor of the apartment and fell through the floor. The suit alleges Oiler injured his hip and femur and has been forced to miss school. The plaintiffs are seeking compensatory damages.
Case number: 08-C-937

Nov. 5
Merlin Bush v. Simpson-Littman Construction, Inc., William Simpson
PA-W. Michael Frazier; J-F. Jane Hustead
* Bush contracted Simpson to construct his house in 1999 for a price of $309,765. In 2007, Bush began to notice cracks throughout the home, along with sagging floors. A geotechnical engineering specialist informed Bush the problems were the result of faulty construction and the costs to repair would be $160,000. Bush also claims his home has lost $250,000 in devaluation. He is seeking damages in the amount of $333,240.13 from Simpson-Littman.
Case number: 08-C-942

Nov. 10
Carlos R. Hensley and Wanda J. Hensley v. Best Buy Co., Inc.
PA-J. Robert Leslie; J-David M. Pancake
* Hensely purchased a refrigerator from Best Buy in June 2007 and had it installed in his home. The suit claims the Best Buy employee who installed the refrigerator damaged the water line, causing a leak in the kitchen. Hensley alleges the leak ruined his flooring and sub-flooring in his kitchen and other adjacent rooms. He is seeking compensatory damages.
Case number: 08-C-956

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