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By Denise Simpson | Dec 12, 2008

Nov. 17
Baker Federal Credit Union vs. John Conte
PA- Ward D. Stone; J- Gaughan
* A loan was entered on June 13, 2006, with the signing of a security agreement for $17,188.36. By default, the automobile was repossessed and after deducting the net sales proceeds a balance of $8,409.61 remains.
Case number: 08-C-435

First Choice America Community Federal Credit Union f/k/a Steel Works Community Federal Credit Union vs. Michael J. Swayngim and Kathleen T. Swayngim
PA- Kevin M. Pearl; J- Gaughan
* On May 24, 2006, a loan was made for $7,000 and $6.290.10 is owing and due with a principal and per diem rate of $2.9210 per day.
Case number: 08-C-436

Nov. 18
Amanda Reed vs. Robert L. Holcomb and J & L Body/Frame and Towing, Inc.
PA- Gregory A. Gellner; J- Wilson
* A rear-end collision occurred at 7th and Main on April 21, 2008. It is claimed this accident occurred with a work vehicle and he subsequently had to be chased down by Mary Jennison; the driver of the vehicle in which Reed was a passenger. Judgment is sought, by jury, jointly and severally, for the medical expenses in excess of $3,200.00 to date, which are expected to increase.
Case number: 08-C-437

Nov. 20
Sarah J. Milliken and, Dale Milliken v. Kroger Company
PA- Rodney T. Berry; J- Recht
* While shopping at the Mt. DeChantal Road premise, on Jan. 24, 2008, Sarah Milliken entered the exit door because the entrance was locked when she tripped and fell. Compensation is sought for her injuries, along with loss of consortium.
Case number: 08-C-438

Nov. 21
WesBanco Bank, Inc. v. Pamela J. Riggs
PA- Ryan S. Marsteller; J- Gaughan
* Failure to pay the terms of a contract caused the repossession and sale of a vehicle which resulted in a balance of $5,795.65.
Case number: 08-C-439

Nancy H. Hlebiczki and Robert M. Hlebiczki vs. Martins Ferry Fire Department Emergency Squad, John Morgan, and Charles Banig
PA- Wray V. Voegelin; J-Wilson
* This action is filed for negligent operation of an ambulance cot on Apr. 4, 2007, when the Martins Ferry Fire Department dispatched an emergency squad for transport to OVMC. The left side of the cot rolled off the sidewalk and injuries were suffered to her right thumb. Along with this injury, loss of consortium is claimed.
Case number: 08-C-440

Nov. 24
David Lee Wade v. Wheeling Jesuit University Inc.
PA- Rodney T. Berry; J- Gaughan
* While making a delivery for his place of employment, Liberty Distributors, on Jan. 25, 2007, a slip and fall occurred and injuries were suffered to his right shoulder. Compensation is sought with interest and costs.
Case number: 08-C-441

Nov. 25
Philip A. Zimmerman and Nicole N. Zimmerman v. Smart Partner Homes LLC and Dixon Construction Inc.
PA- Scott C. Brown; J- Recht
* Contracts for construction and design of a modular home were entered. Foundational block and drywall problems ensued. The alleged below grade work is claimed for the in numerous block and dry seams cracks. It is alleges these damages are continuing and progressive in nature. Compensatory and punitive damages are demanded.
Case number: 08-C-442

Darrell M. Ennis Jr. v. Protective Life Corporation, Lyndon Property Insurance Co., Western Diversified Services, Inc., Magoo's Automotive Consultants, Inc., A & B Sales, Inc. and/or A & B Auto Sales, Inc. d/b/a A & B KIA, and Michael Ferns, Sr.
PA- Frank X. Duff; J-Mazzone
* On Set. 23, 2007, a motor vehicle purchase agreement was entered on a Nissan that had 66,607 miles at the time of the sale. Within the warranty period, the Attorney General assigned a mediatory who contacted A & B. It was determined the engine issues could not be mediated. Negligence, breach of contract, and unfair claim settlement practices are claim. Compensatory and Punitive damages are sought, both jointly and severally.
Case number: 08-C-443

Sarah Hlebiczki and Brian Hlebiczki vs. West Point Products LLC
PA- J. Zachary Zatezalo; J- Wilson
* On July 12, 2006, Hlebiczki gave birth to a son with severe birth defects, necessitating dozens of surgeries during the first few months of his life; which caused discrimination and termination from employment. A breach of contract resulted with unilaterally discharging her on Nov. 30, 2006. Punitive and compensatory damages are demanded by trial.
Case number: 08-C-444

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