THIS JUST IN: Boone County

by Harmon Marks |
Jan. 16, 2009, 1:00am

Nov. 25
Barry Grass and Karen Grass vs. Bill Wiley
PA-pro se; J-Thompson
* The Grasses are appealing a Magistrate Court ruling from September that they owe $1,600 in back rent and court costs. They also seek compensatory and punitive damages from Wiley. The Magistrate Court ruling cited rent due for June, July and August 2008. The Grasses contend the original litigation was a "fraudulent scheme."
Case number: 08-C-224

Nov. 26
Anna Carr vs. Francis H. Leary and Norma Leary
PA-Michael L. Glasser; J-Thompson
* Plaintiff seeks compensatory damages from a December 2006 incident when she was sitting in her parked vehicle near the elementary school in Uneeda when it was "struck from behind by a vehicle being driven negligently by Norma Leary."
Case number: 08-C-225

Dec. 1
David Massey vs. Harry Sebok Jr.
PA-Steven J. Conifer and Bruce Perrone; J-Thompson
* Massey says, related to a Magistrate Court issue from September, he paid his past due payments on a mobile home purchase. But he says Sebok didn't report a Sept. 6 payment to the judge, and a Magistrate Court order granted Sebok possession of the home effective Sept. 30. The next day, Sebok arrived at the property in Seth and ordered the Masseys "to vacate the premises at once." After they left, they say Sebok "threw all of their furniture and personal belongings into the front yard and surrounding ditches, burned or deliberately damaged a large portion of them, and removed their pets." Massey seeks $9,448 in damages, which includes restitution for payments on the mobile home. He also seeks compensatory damages for personal property withheld, damaged and destroyed as well as for annoyance and inconvenience. Massey also filed a motion for injunction to keep Sebok and his son Ryan "from continuing to harass, molest or annoy plaintiff and his family." Sebok countered with his own suit, accusing Massey of stealing, selling and converting 26 items to his own use while residing in the mobile home.
Case number: 08-C-226

Dec. 5
Daniel Bays and Gina Bays vs. Charles Buddy McClure, McClure Logging Inc., Wendle D. Cook and Jet Excavating LLC
PA-Thomas H. Peyton; J-Thompson
* The plaintiffs say the defendants "engaged in a civil conspiracy or joint venture regarding the timbering or logging" on their property "without written permission." They seek compensatory damages, punitive damages, court costs and fees.
Case number: 08-C-229

Dec. 15
Charles and Tamara Miller vs. Magnum Coal Co., Magnum Coal Sales LLC, Nelson Brothers LLC, Catenary Coal Co. LLC and Explo Systems Inc.
PA-Samuel A. Hrko; J-Thompson
* The plaintiffs cite 20 issues on which to base compensatory damages resulting from on-the-job exposure to a substance known as Tetryl or formally 2, 4, 6-trinitreophenyl-n-methylnitramine. Miller was a load out technician for Magnum at Catenary's Coal Samples mine where he says he was exposed to coal and coal dust on a daily basis. He says munitions that included Tetryl explosive boosters were detonated on the surface mining property. Miller claims the defendants knew of dangers from Tetryl exposure, but he "was not informed that coal he would be required to handle could contain Tetryl residue." He blames exposure to Tetryl for "a severe and permanent skin condition."
Case number: 08-C-233

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