THIS JUST IN: Berkeley County

by Beth Henry |
Sep. 18, 2009, 2:00am

Aug. 25
David K. Crone vs. RJCPTP LLC and Robert W. Pierce
PA - Kate Harding; J - Groh
* The plaintiff claims that the defendants, which own Foxcroft Village Apartments in Martinsburg, failed to take action after a qualified inspector discovered that the plaintiff's apartment was "infested with toxic black mold," which caused him migraine headaches, fatigue, joint pain and other health problems. He is seeking at least $100,000 and other relief.
Case number: 09-C-700

Naomi Spivak, executor of Howard Diamond's estate; and Robert Abbott, administrator of Nancy Diamond's estate; vs. Amvets Post 30 Inc.
PA - Lawrence Schultz; J - Wilkes
* The plaintiffs claim the fatal accident on Interstate 81 on Aug. 14, 2008, which killed the Diamonds, was a result of the defendant's negligence. The driver of the vehicle who caused the head-on collision, Troy S. Bean, had been at the defendant's bar and became visibly intoxicated prior to the accident. The plaintiffs claim the defendant's employees "acted recklessly, with gross and wanton disregard for the safety of others." They are seeking an amount of relief to be determined.
Case number: 09-C-702

Aug. 28
Quarles Petroleum Inc. vs. R.G. Harris Transportation Inc., and David Harris
PA - Nelson Michael; J - Silver
* The plaintiff claims the defendants owe $36,837.53 plus fees for a total of at least $49,116.58 after defaulting on the terms of a fuel credit agreement from September 2004.
Case number: 09-C-707

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