WHEELING -- An attorney is suing his former partner after claiming he owes $137,000 to the partnership in damages.

In 1984, Thomas McK. Hazlett and Marlin J. Harper became partners in a law partnership then known as Kinder, Harper, Armstrong and Hazlet, according to a complaint filed Dec. 31 in Ohio Circuit Court.

Hazlett claims since 1998 the partnership has been known as Harper and Hazlett, and that he and Harper have been the only two partners.

In September 2009, Hazlett claims when he advised Harper that he was taking excessive money from the partnership, Harper informed him that "if he did not receive certain funds he would leave."

On Nov. 25, Harper informed Hazlett he and purchased an office building on Barnesville, Ohio, to establish a new practice and a moving truck would be there Nov. 30.

Hazlett claims Harper has refused to pay an appropriate amount of partnership expenses or otherwise agree to terms of the partnership dissolution.

Hazlett claims Harper owes more than $60,000 for unpaid share of office overhead, $23,100 in revenues, $24,000 for damages caused by failing to investigate or consider alternatives for insurance and $30,000 for reimbursement for health insurance premium increases.

Hazlett is seeking damages in an amount consistent with what Harper owes him. He is representing himself.

Ohio Circuit Court case number: 09-C-0447

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