Webcasts help law firms enhance online marketing tools

By Kyla Asbury | Apr 9, 2010


CHARLESTON -- A Charleston attorney teamed up with Thompson Reuters to do webcasts on how to utilize the Internet as a tool for communicating to the general public.

Harry F. Bell Jr., the founding member of the Bell Law Firm in Charleston, co-hosted a webcast titled Beyond the Basics: Standing Out From the Crowd, which described how a high-impact Web site can help a law firm differentiate itself from the competition and find clients that fit its specialty even in a challenging marketplace.

"Lawyers have always struggled with how to communicate who they are as an attorney," Bell said. "The Internet is a powerful tool to be utilized in this fashion to help communicate better."

Bell said the webcast was designed for attorneys who already have some online marketing experience and will offer strategies for strengthening your Web site performance and the best practices for creating an effective, attention-getting law form brand.

Bell said Thompson Reuters Publishing asked him to assist with the webcasts.

"It's interesting doing a web presentation because you can do it from your desk, the software will do a slideshow and when someone has a question, they can just type it in and it goes to us," Bell said. "People have the opportunity to learn more from them, so it is a great way to utilize technology."

The webcasts last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Bell said it's important for an attorney to be able to communicate with people to explain who they are.

"If someone was to go to our Web site, they get the chance to look at four one-minute videos that are presented in a narrative style and explain questions and tell people who we are," Bell said. "That way before someone even makes a call to the office, they have the opportunity to hear us talk and can get a feel for who we are."

Bell said the Internet can be a very powerful tool.

"The Internet allows people to give a background check on a lawyer and learn more about them," he said. "How many times do we get online and Google something or someone before we do anything else to see what we can find out?"

Bell said he was honored to be asked to do the presentation by Thompson Reuters.

"It's a new medium of communication out there now that we need to learn about," he said. "I was very honored to be asked to be a part of this."

Bell said about 80 people from across the country took part in the March webcasts and hoped to see the same in April.

Bell co-hosted the March webcast with Kristine Gross, Client Development Consultant at FindLaw.

The webcasts will be archived at www.lawyermarketing.com/webcast.

For more information about the webcasts or the Bell Law Firm, visit www.belllaw.com.

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