CIVIL FILINGS: Cabell County

by Kyla Asbury |
Dec. 10, 2010, 1:20am

Dec. 1
Sherri Keeton vs. Michael R. Spindel, MD
PA- Michael A. Davenport; J- David M. Pancake
* On Dec. 8, 2009, Keeton underwent a surgical procedure performed by Spindel. On May 17, she requested her medical records from the defendant, but was denied. She is seeking for the defendant to provide her with a complete copy of her records.
Case number: 10-C-859

Dec. 3
Jeffrey Evans vs. KFC #K198018
PA- R. Stephen Jarrell; J- David M. Pancake
* On Feb. 18, Evans ordered food from KFC and proceeded to eat a portion of the food. He claims while taking a bite of mashed potatoes, he bit down on what turned out to be a piece of foil, which caused injuries to his mouth. He is seeking compensatory damages with pre- and post-judgment interest.
Case number: 10-C-864

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