CHARLESTON –- Records show that on two separate occasions nearly a decade ago, a Huntington attorney's mouth resulted in ethics complaints filed against him.

Currently, David D. Perry is accused of having phone sex with Christine Cline-Tidwell, the wife of Christopher Cline while he was in jail on drug related charges in March 2009. Though Perry denied the allegations, the Lawyer Disciplinary Board accused him of making false representations during the Office of Disciplinary Counsel's investigation.

Prior to the statement, Perry in 2002 was accused twice of inappropriate behavior. Two people on opposite sides of separate and unrelated domestic disputes accused him of being verbally abusive.

The first person who filed a complaint against Perry was Michelle R. Mollett. In her complaint filed July 17, 2002, Mollett alleged Perry berated her for filing a domestic violence petition against her then-boyfriend, Glenn Wroczynski.

According to her complaint, Wroczynski, who worked for Perry, was defending himself against accusations of domestic violence from a previous relationship. Perry was Wroczynski's attorney in that case.

Following a dispute she had with Wroczynski on June 19 that lead to him spitting in her face, Mollett filed a domestic violence petition against him. Two days later, she received a call from Perry.

According to her complaint, no sooner did she answer the phone than Perry said, "Michelle, did you fucking call the police and file a warrant against Glenn?"

She alleged Perry continued to berate her, and before she could give her side of the story, hung up on her.

Immediately, Mollett said she called Perry back and left him a voice-message "telling him never to call me cussing and screaming at me again." She said she "had known David well enough to understand that he is a threatening personality."

Two months after receiving Mollett's compliant, ODC dismissed it. In his closing letter dated Sept. 12, 2003, then-Chief Lawyer Disciplinary Counsel Lawrence Lewis noted Perry denied the allegations and there was insufficient evidence he committed a Rules violation.

The other person to file a complaint against Perry that year was Warren Kimble. In his complaint filed Dec. 12, Kimble alleged Perry accosted him outside the Cabell County courthouse following a hearing on a protective order his wife filed against him.

According to his complaint, Kimble attempted to reconcile with his wife after she left him on Sept. 11, 2002. After he came to her place of employment attempting to woo her back, she filed for a protective order.

A final hearing on the protective order was held Dec. 3 in which the family law judge ruled in her favor. After the hearing, as he was walking toward his car, Kimble alleged Perry began following, and called him "a fat mother-fucking pig."

Despite attempts to ignore him, Kimble alleged Perry continued to berate him saying, "she is not your fucking wife any longer you fat mother-fucking pig. She is mine now."

Also, Kimble alleged Perry said "she wants you dead, and I'm going to bring charges against you and I am going to agrivate [sic] you until we see you in your grave and we will not be looking over our shoulder and see your fat ass."

After that, Kimble alleged Perry stuck his finger in Kimble's face in which he swatted it away saying, "Don't be touching me." According to his complaint, Kimble said Perry ran back into the courthouse saying Kimble assaulted him.

According to court records, Kimble was charged with one count of battery. It was dismissed on Dec. 19, 2003, after Perry expressed no further desire to see Kimble prosecuted.

Two weeks before that, ODC dismissed Kimble's complaint. In his closing letter, Lewis said, with the exception of the allegation Perry may have had with Kimble's wife, all the accusations Kimble leveled against Perry "are outside the scope of this office and will not be addressed."

In the letter, Lewis noted Perry denied having an affair with Kimble's wife, and after she and Kimble reconciled sometime in mid-2003, she was no longer his client.

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