MORGANTOWN – A Morgantown man is suing an individual he claims negligently installed a ladder in an elevator shaft.

On Jan. 14, Kenneth Umble was on the job and working for Schindler Elevator and was inspecting and/or working on the elevator, according to a complaint filed Sept. 16 in Monongalia Circuit Court.

Umble claims he was climbing the ladder that is installed in the elevator shaft when the anchors securing the ladder to the wall pulled loose from the wall and caused him and the ladder to fall several feet down the elevator shaft onto the floor below.

John Christie was the individual who installed the ladder and/or the anchors, according to the suit.

Umble claims the anchors used to secure the ladder to the wall were not appropriate, designed or approved for purpose in which they were being used.

The anchors were simply drywall anchors and the defendant's use and installation of the anchors to secure the elevator shaft ladder was negligent, according to the suit.

Umble claims as a result of the defendant's negligence, he sustained severe bodily injuries.

As a result of Christie's negligence, Umble suffered and sustained permanent physical injuries; loss of enjoyment of life; loss of income and benefits; aggravation, annoyance and inconvenience; depression; emotional distress; and mental anguish.

Umble is seeking compensatory and punitive damages with pre- and post-judgment interest. He is being represented by Kevin T. Tipton.

Monongalia Circuit Court case number: 11-C-581

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