Houston receiver Patrick Edwards is carted off the field after getting injured during a game at Marshall on Oct. 28, 2008. (Courtesy photo)

HUNTINGTON -– Former University of Houston receiver Patrick Edwards, who broke his leg when he ran into a metal cart during a 2008 game at Marshall University, has settled the lawsuit against the school.

Edwards sued Marshall, Conference USA and referee Gil Gelbke in the negligence lawsuit in 2010. Details of the settlement are confidential.

On Oct. 28, 2008, during the third quarter of the nationally televised game, Edwards suffered a compound fracture when trying to catch a pass from Blake Joseph.

Edwards had to have a rod inserted in his lower right leg the following day. He claimed the playing field was unsafe when he ran into the metal service cart while going for a pass.

The lawsuit cited an excerpt from the NCAA Football Rules and Interpretations, stating that "All markers and obstructions within the playing enclosure shall be placed or constructed in such a manner as to avoid any possible hazard to players."

Edwards was represented by Houston-based attorney S. Scott West.

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