CIVIL FILINGS: Monongalia County

By Donna K. Carlson | Aug 3, 2012

July 24
Sandra Rose vs. Roberta Dunston
PA-Kelly Reed; J-NA
* Dunston was driving a Subaru Legacy near White Day Creek when she lost consciousness. She lost control of her vehicle and crashed into the left side of Rose's pickup, causing it to spin several times before she was able to stop. Rose suffered serious injuries for which she is seeking past and future doctor, hospital and medical bills, pain and suffering, and past and future economic losses.
Case number: 12-C-500

July 27
Marcia Powell, executrix of the estate of Robert L. Powell, and Patricia Powell vs. Dr. Todd Tallman
PA-Fran Whiteman; J-NA
* In October 2012, Robert Powell received a CT scan at Fairmont General hospital for possible appendicitis. After complaining of abdominal cramping and nausea, he went to Monongalia General Hospital where he was seen by Dr. Tallman. After his review of the CT scan, Dr. Tallman didn't diagnose Powell with appendicitis, and he was sent home. Some seven days later, Powell returned to Fairmont General with abdominal pain; was transferred to Monongalia General Hospital and was again seen by Dr. Tallman, and ultimately taken to surgery for removal of a diseased appendix. Powell developed post-operation renal failure; sepsis and ultimately died. The estate of Robert Powell, and his widow,Patricia Powell seek loss of income, hospital, medical and doctor's expenses, funeral expenses, punitive damages and attorney fees.
Case number: 12-C-511

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