CIVIL FILINGS: Kanawha County

By Kyla Asbury | Jan 18, 2013

Jan. 4
Claudia Ross, individually and as representative of the Estate of James Allen vs. McDowell Nursing and Rehabilitation, LLC; Wisteria, LLC; and AMFM, LLC
PA- Jonathan R. Mani, Damon L. Ellis; J- Charles E. King
* Allen was a resident of the defendants' from Nov. 9, 2010, until Dec. 6, 2010. Ross claims Allen suffered negligent care and abuse during his stay with the defendants, which proximately contributed to his death on Dec. 10, 2010. Ross is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.
Case number: 13-C-18

Jan. 7
Misty Rollins vs. West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources
PA- Todd S. Bailess, Joy B. Mega; J- Paul Zakaib Jr.
* Rollins was employed by the defendant until she resigned on July 10. She claims on June 26, she provided the defendant with at least one pay period’s notice of her intention to resign. Rollins claims the defendant did not pay her final wages in a timely manner. Rollins is seeking compensatory damages with pre- and post-judgment interest.
Case number: 13-C-21

Traci Frederick vs. Dick’s Sporting Goods, Inc.
PA- James A. McKowen; J- Charles E. King
* On April 21, 2011, Frederick was shopping in the defendant’s South Charleston store when she slipped and broke her wrist. She claims the floor had been cleaned and waxed, but no sign was there to indicate that the floor was slippery. Frederick is seeking compensatory damages with pre- and post-judgment interest.
Case number: 13-C-24

George Joseph Jacobs Jr., deceased, by G. Patrick Jacobs, executor vs. The Kroger Co.; Kroger
Limited Partnership I; KRGP, Inc.; and John Carpenter
PA- J. Michael Ranson, Cynthia M. Ranson, George B. Morrone III; J- James C. Stucky
* The suit alleges that on Jan. 11, 2011, George Jacobs went to Kroger and was attempting to exit his vehicle when Gary Wayne Mullins forced his way into the vehicle and demanded $2,000. George Jacobs was unable to comply, but after being held for a period of time against his will, told Mullins he had money at his house, the suit says. Mullins forced him to drive to the house, where he found $1,800, then forced him to write a $200 check and drive to a bank to cash it, the suit says. For several months, Mullins would appear at George Jacobs’ home and demand money, the suit says. After he finally reported the incident to the police, Mullins was arrested and on Feb. 6, George Jacobs testified against him. However, the following day, George Jacobs died. G. Patrick Jacobs claims Mullins’ actions caused his father to suffer great stress and affected his physical and mental well-being. Kroger failed to take any action to maintain safe premises for invitees. G. Patrick Jacobs is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.
Case number: 13-C-25

Jan. 9
Debbie Ann Bowes vs. Medford Trucking, LLC; Medford Transport, LLC; Medford Holding, LLC;
Kevin Medford; Roger Medford; and Cindy Medford
PA- Maria W. Hughes, Mark Goldner; J- Paul Zakaib Jr.
* Bowes was hired by the defendants as the Director of Human Resources in August 2011. She claims she was subjected to unwelcome and offensive sexual advances, solicitations, sexual remarks, unwanted physical touching and sexual innuendo by Kevin Medford and Roger Medford during her employment, and that Cindy Medford threatened her. Bowes claims after she went to the police and obtained a personal safety order against Cindy Medford, the defendants engaged in a scheme to terminate her employment by changing the locks at the office and disabling her email access. Bowes claims she was informed on Jan. 2 that she was suspended with pay pending an investigation and remains suspended. Bowes is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.
Case number: 13-C-34

Jan. 10
David L. Pence vs. Medford Trucking, LLC
PA- J. Michael Ranson, Cynthia M. Ranson, George B. Morrone III, G. Patrick Jacobs; J- Charles E.
* Pence was employed by the defendant from Oct. 5, 2011, until his employment was terminated on Feb. 10. Pence claims the defendant failed to pay his final wages within 72 hours of discharge. Pence is seeking compensatory and liquidated damages.
Case number: 13-C-39

Jan. 11
Southern West Virginia Asphalt, Inc. vs. Freedom Ministries, Inc.; Robert Lucas; Randall Lucas;
and Tammy Lucas
PA- Norman T. Daniels Jr., Nicholas R. Stuchell; J- James C. Stucky
* On June 5, June 7 and June 8, Robert Lucas picked up several loads of asphalt from the plaintiff. SWVA claims the bank returned the defendants’ checks because a stop-payment order was placed on each of them. SWVA is seeking damages in the amount of $13,924.46, plus $75 for the three returned check fees and pre- and post-judgment interest.
Case number: 13-C-41

Technicrete Corporation and Thomas M. Bomkamp vs. Jai Sai, LLC; Tri-State Hotels, LLC;
Stephen L. Thompson, trustee of the National Republic Bank of Chicago; the National
Republic Bank of Chicago; and Dolatrai Patel a/k/a Junior Patel
PA- Stephen J. Golder, Gary A. Matthews, J. Tanner James; J- Carrie Webster
* In April, Technicrete entered into a contract with Tri-State and Patel for certain concrete pours to be completed at a proposed Holiday Inn Express located in Cross Lanes. Technicrete claims it completed the contract and timely completed work. However, the defendants failed and refused to pay for the work it completed, it says. The plaintiffs are seeking that Technicrete’s mechanic’s lien be adjudged a valid lien against Jai Sai and compensatory damages in the
amount of $34,977 with contractual interest and pre- and post-judgment interest.
Case number: 13-C-49

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