CIVIL FILINGS: Berkeley County

by John O'Brien |
Apr. 26, 2013, 6:55am

April 9
Kenneth and Karen Rinehart v. Inwood Food Service and Allen Properties, dba Kentucky Fried Chicken
PA- Joseph R. Ferretti; J-Wilkes
* The Rineharts allege Kenneth was waiting on a food order at the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Inwood when he walked to the entrance and slipped on a muddy substance that had become slippery when it was sprayed with water. The fall caused Kenneth to break his ankle, requiring surgery, the lawsuit says.
Case number: 13-C-284

April 15
USA Truck v. Rebecca Dawn Harrity
PA- David A. Valent; J- Wilkes
* USA Truck is an Arkansas company that says Harrity caused an automobile crash in Falling Waters on Oct. 18. The plaintiff says it incurred property damage of $11,990.81.
Case number: 13-C-287

April 22
Ruth and Glenn Gosnell v. Thomas E. Knutson, Jr., D.O.
PA- Richard McCune; J- Yoder
* The plaintiffs say Ruth Gosnell was treated at City Hospital by the defendant after she slipped in her bathroom on March 24, 2011. Though Knutson diagnosed and fixed a broken tibial fracture below her right knee, Gosnell says he did not sufficiently examine the rest of her leg and failed to diagnose a femoral condylar fracture. After months of pain, Gosnell says Knutson poorly fixed the fracture in October 2011.
Case number: 13-C-310

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