Mingo County attack results in civil lawsuit

By Kyla Asbury | Dec 21, 2015

WILLIAMSON – A lawsuit has been filed by the former Kanawha County Prosecuting Attorney over the beating of an 18-year-old in downtown Williamson last December.

Dawson Isom, by his guardian and next friend, David Isom, alleges Gary Rash and Erik Rash, father and son, of infliction of mental and physical distress; conspiracy to inflict mental and physical distress on Dawson Isom; loss of consortium and companionship; and tort of outrage, according to the complaint filed Dec. 18 in Mingo Circuit Court by Mike Clifford.

The plaintiffs claim the father and son’s actions were “reprehensible, outrageous, wanton, willful, reckless and grossly negligent, which showed wanton disregard for” Isom’s rights.

On May 30, Dawson Isom and several other young males were invited to a residence owned by Gary Rash and occupied by Chase Runyon, who is the nephew of Gary Rash.

At some time that day, while Dawson Isom was at the apartment, Runyon received one or more texts from Gary Rash inquiring about what was going on at the apartment and Runyon informed him that all was well at the apartment, according to the suit.

The plaintiff claims later, Gary Rash appeared at the apartment and was in an agitated state and Dawson Isom and the other visitors left the apartment as they were aggressively instructed by Gary Rash.

Gary Rash proceeded to the parking lot and used his vehicle to block Dawson Isom and the others in the parking lot while he called for his son, Erik Rash, according to the suit.

The plaintiff claims he and the other males were unable to leave and were physically and verbally attached by Gary Rash and, when Erik Rash arrived, he also proceeded to physically attach Dawson Isom without provocation or reason, but being provoked by Gary Rash.

Erik Rash continued the attack on Dawson Isom even after Dawson Isom was down on the ground and unable to rise up from the ground, according to the suit.

The plaintiff claims he was rendered unconscious and unresponsive and was transported from the scene by ambulance to the nearest medical facility.

Dawson Isom sustained grievous injuries to his body and his brain from which he has yet to recover and, at this time, still remains hospitalized as a result of the beating, according to the suit. Dawson Isom is currently in a coma.

David Isom, on Dawson Isom’s behalf, is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

Mingo Circuit Court case number: 15-C-291

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