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A month after commission interviews, three circuit judge spots remain vacant

By Chris Dickerson | Feb 27, 2019

CHARLESTON – Three circuit judge openings remain vacant, and the governor's deadline to fill one of them has passed.

Ohio Co. judge denies teacher's request for immediate injunction, but says he'll conduct hearing later

By Chris Dickerson | Feb 25, 2019

WHEELING – An Ohio County judge has denied a teacher's request for immediate injunctive relief regarding the county school board's decision to go into executive session to discuss matters related to the recent teacher strike.

Wheeling teacher says Ohio County school board breaking open meetings laws following walkout

By Chris Dickerson | Feb 25, 2019

WHEELING – An Ohio County teacher has filed a complaint and restraining order against the county’s school board to keep it from holding “an illegal hearing” this evening following the suspension of the controversial state Senate omnibus education reform bill and another alleged illegal school board hearing last week.

Delegate sues Higher Education Policy Commission to remove interim chancellor

By Kyla Asbury | Feb 23, 2019

PRINCETON — Del. Gary Martin "Marty" Gearheart (R-Mercer) is suing the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission (HEPC), seeking to remove the commission's interim chancellor.

State's largest teacher union also seeks info from Putnam about decision to stay open

By Chris Dickerson | Feb 22, 2019

WINFIELD – The state’s largest teacher union has joined the chorus of those seeking information from the Putnam County Board of Education regarding its decision to keep schools open during the recent two-day strike.

Another attorney files second FOIA request about Putnam schools' decision to stay open during strike

By Chris Dickerson | Feb 22, 2019

WINFIELD – Another attorney has delivered another Freedom of Information Act request to the Putnam County Board of Education.

Attorney files FOIA request seeking info about Putnam schools staying open during strike

By Chris Dickerson | Feb 21, 2019

WINFIELD – A former attorney for the state Supreme Court has filed a Freedom of Information Act request regarding the decision by Putnam County’s school superintendent to be the lone system in the state to keep doors open during the recent two-day teacher strike.

Bill that would create intermediate appeals court passes Senate, now waits in House Judiciary

By Chris Dickerson | Feb 21, 2019

CHARLESTON – A bill that would create an intermediate court of appeals is headed to the House of Delegates after barely passing the state Senate. Senate Bill 266 passed the Senate on a 17-16 vote Feb. 18. It was sent to the House of Delegates and referred to the Judiciary Committee.

CALA says excessive litigation cost state $35M in 2018; trial lawyer group disputes study

By Chris Dickerson | Feb 12, 2019

CHARLESTON – A statewide legal reform group says excessive tort litigation cost West Virginia more than 3,800 jobs and about $35 million in state and local revenue.

Environmental attorney says Green New Deal wouldn't be good news for West Virginia

By Kyla Asbury | Feb 12, 2019

A Charleston attorney who focuses on environmental law believes New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal would not help West Virginia.

UPDATE: House speaker sets public hearings for education reform bill

By Chris Dickerson | Feb 7, 2019

CHARLESTON – House Speaker Roger Hanshaw has requested a public hearing on the comprehensive education reform bill. The hearings for Senate Bill 451 are scheduled for 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Feb. 11 in the House Chamber at the state Capitol. The second hearing was added later to allow teachers to attend.

State owns 8,380 vehicles -- about 4,000 fewer than what was being insured

By Chris Dickerson | Feb 6, 2019

CHARLESTON – The state of West Virginia owns 8,380 vehicles, according to the chairman of the House Committee on Government Organization. That number is about 4,000 fewer than the number of vehicles that have been insured by the state.

High-profile education reform bill passes full Senate committee on 18-16 vote

By Chris Dickerson | Jan 31, 2019

CHARLESTON – The education omnibus bill that has been the center of attention for the state Senate has passed the Committee of the Whole by a slim margin.

Huntington attorney gives back with WVU scholarship

By Kyla Asbury | Jan 30, 2019

HUNTINGTON — A Huntington attorney has established a scholarship at West Virginia University College of Law to help ease the burden for a law student from his hometown.

House passes broadband bill on 97-2 vote

By Chris Dickerson | Jan 28, 2019

CHARLESTON – The House of Delegates has passed a comprehensive bill meant to encourage development and expansion of broadband ​​​​internet and high-speed wireless technologies across the state.

Judge gives sides two months to work out details about state wage payment case

By Chris Dickerson | Jan 28, 2019

CHARLESTON – A senior status judge has given the parties in a potential class action about wage payment for state employees two months to try to work out details of the case.

Community, technical college bill passes state Senate on unanimous vote

By Chris Dickerson | Jan 23, 2019

CHARLESTON – The state Senate unanimously has passed a bill meant to increase the number of West Virginia students gaining career education and workforce training.

Governor invites Trump to give State of the Union speech in West Virginia

By Chris Dickerson | Jan 23, 2019

CHARLESTON – Gov. Jim Justice has invited President Donald Trump to give the State of the Union address in West Virginia.

Broadband expansion bill advancing through House of Delegates

By Chris Dickerson | Jan 18, 2019

CHARLESTON. – A House of Delegates committee has sent a comprehensive bill meant to make it easier to develop and expand broadband and high-speed wireless technologies in West Virginia.

Delegate introduces bill to target slow drivers in left lane

By Chris Dickerson | Jan 16, 2019

CHARLESTON – A House of Delegates member has introduced a bill that would make it illegal to continuously drive in the left lane of a highway.

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