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Advanced Auto Parts alleges claim of non-payment against McGrew PS/LT Tire Co.

By Tia Benton | Oct 14, 2015

LOGAN – A Logan tire company is being sued for alleged non-payment of a debt owed to a major automotive goods store.

Greenthorn LLC allegedly in default on rental payments for property, continues to mine it

By Tia Benton | Oct 14, 2015

LOGAN – Two out-of-state companies mining in Logan County are being sued for alleged breach of contract due to failing to pay rental fees and royalties in accordance with a lease agreement.

Lightning Contract Services accused of discriminatory, retaliatory actions after employee reported alleged sexual harassment

By Tia Benton | Oct 14, 2015

LOGAN – A West Virginia corporation is accused of exemplifying both discriminatory and retaliatory actions toward a former employee after he reported sexual harassment in the workplace.

Slip and fall accident leads to suit against local Walmart store

By Tia Benton | Oct 13, 2015

LOGAN – A West Virginia woman is suing Wal-Mart alleging negligence led to her fell inside the premises of its Logan store.

Coal miner sues after allegedly suffering head injuries on job site

By Tia Benton | Oct 13, 2015

LOGAN – A McGraws man is suing his employer for damages related to an alleged head injury he incurred while in the course of employment.

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