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UPDATE: Court suspends Randolph judge for rest of term

CHARLESTON – The state Supreme Court has suspended, without pay, the Randolph County judge who admitted to a two-year affair for the rest of her current term on the bench.

Man says mine fired him for discussing safety concerns with inspectors

MADISON – A Boone County man is suing over claims he was fired for discussing safety concerns with state mine inspectors.

Woman says doctors should have performed genetic test

MADISON – A Boone County woman is suing over claims her doctors negligently failed to perform genetic testing that should have been necessary due to her family history of cancer.

Woman blames Dollar General for injuries

MADISON – A Boone County woman is suing over claims she was injured after slipping on the wet floor of a store.

Girl ate McDonald's ice cream with metal shavings, parents say

MADISON – A Boone County couple is suing over claims their minor daughter ate ice cream that contained metal shavings.

Plants won't appeal ruling, opening own law firm

CHARLESTON – Kanawha County Prosecutor Mark Plants says he will not appeal a panel's ruling to remove him from office.

Boone Co. woman says mine damaged her property

MADISON – A Boone County woman is suing over claims her property was damaged by nearby mining operations.

Clay Co. man says he was trapped in crack for seven hours, blames mining

CLAY – A Clay County man is suing over claims he was trapped for seven hours in a crack in the earth on his property allegedly caused by nearby mining activity.

Woman files suit to take deposition early in likely throat cancer case

FAYETTEVILLE – A Fayette County woman is filing to take a deposition for testimony over claims her cancer was misdiagnosed by her doctor.

Ambulance company, driver blamed for I-79 accident

FAYETTEVILLE – A Calhoun County couple is suing over claims their vehicle was driven off the road when an ambulance allegedly nearly caused a collision changing lanes.

Parents say kindergarten teacher beat their son

FAYETTEVILLE – A Fayette County family is suing over claims a kindergartner was struck by a teacher.

Capito gives state first GOP U.S. senator since 1950s

CHARLESTON – For the first time since the 1950s, West Virginia soon will have a Republican in the U.S. Senate.

Consent decree allows resubmitted absentee ballots in 35th District race

CHARLESTON – On Monday, a day before Election Day, a federal judge issued a consent decree allowing resubmitted absentee ballots to be counted in the race for House District 35.

U.S. House: GOP sweeps all three W.Va. seats

CHARLESTON – In addition to a Republican senator, West Virginia soon will three members of the GOP in the U.S. House of Representatives.

UPDATE: Judge signs orders making King liable for $44M

WINFIELD – A Putnam County judge has signed off on 13 orders against a former physician, making him liable for nearly $44 million in damages.

Election results could mean change for state's, nation's energy future

WASHINGTON – Some argue that Tuesday’s midterm elections – with Republicans regaining control of the U.S. Senate – signals a turnaround for America’s energy future.

Raleigh Co. lab sues, says DEP 'openly defying' order

CHARLESTON – In a lawsuit filed Monday, a Raleigh County laboratory alleges that the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection is “openly defying” an order by the state Environmental Quality Board allowing the lab to remain open.

John Deere says company owes $14K for track loader

FAYETTEVILLE – A company is suing over claims a Fayette County company is in default on payments for the purchase of a track loader.

Woman says she was injuring taking out trash at school

ROMNEY – A Hampshire County woman is suing over claims she was injured while throwing away trash at an elementary school.

Woman says Wal-Mart fired her because of rough pregnancy

NEW CUMBERLAND – A Hancock County woman is suing over claims she was fired because she needed time off to deal with a difficult pregnancy.