Natalie Tennant must think everyone in West Virginia is stupid.

(Duh, shucks, we’re just a bunch of halfwits with stalks of grass in our teeth and corn cob pipes in our bib overall pockets and we’ll believe anything.) 

With the audacity of hope and obvious contempt for the intelligence of the electorate, Tennant is trying to pass herself off as a centrist Democrat in her bid for a U.S. Senate seat, thinking that will give her a fighting chance to beat her opponent, Republican Rep. Shelley Moore Capito.

The state may be predominantly Democratic – old habits die hard – but it’s not radical, hard-left, brain-dead, Organizing-for-America, Occupy-Wall-Street Democratic.

Not a single Mountain State county went for Obama in 2012. Not one. That should tell Natalie Tennant that we’re not as dumb as she thinks we are. We’re on to that fast-talking flimflam man from Chicago, we know he’s determined to destroy the coal industry (and West Virginia with it), and we’re no longer buying what he’s selling.

That’s the reason, of course, that Tennant is trying to distance herself from Obama, but she might as well try to distance her left leg from her right. They can’t get too far apart because they’re connected.

Tennant was an Obama delegate at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. It doesn’t get any more supportive than that. She was in his corner, she had his back, she saw eye to eye with him.

Now she says she doesn’t agree with him on everything and makes a point of not inviting him to come to West Virginia and campaign for her.

But who comes instead? Elizabeth Warren, the wooden-nickel Native American and Occupy-Wall-Street supporter who may be even more radical than Obama! Elizabeth Warren, who, if elected president in 2016, would undoubtedly continue the policies that are laying waste to our state.

Tennant says she doesn’t agree with Warren on everything, either.

If we believe that, we really are stupid.

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