This Just In: Upshur County

By Zak Ritchie | Mar 24, 2006

March 15

March 15
The Estate of Raymond W. Wagner by Robert Dennis Sandy, Executor vs. Kathryn D. Wagner
PA-Daya Masada Wright and J. Burton Hunter III; J-Thomas H. Keadle
* The plaintiff has filed suit claiming Kathryn D. Wagner coerced, manipulated, and had undue influence on the now-deceased Raymond W. Wagner while he was in a frail and physically-weakened state, and now requests that her portion of his estate be reimbursed as well as $30,083.80 in payments Raymond W. Wagner made on behalf of the defendant.
Case number: 06-C-35

March 16
Green Tree Servicing LLC vs. Ricky Mathes and Sherry Gregory
PA-Erin P. Dyer; J-Thomas H. Keadle
* Green Tree Servicing LLC is suing Ricky Mathes and Sherry Gregory for defaulting on a scheduled security payment for their manufactured home. The plaintiff claims a total of $14,514.08 is now due and payable.
Case number: 06-C-36

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